Wanna trade?

Melanee came to me with a great idea.  Why don’t we come up with a place where we can announce things (preferable fitness related 🙂 ) we might not be using anymore or maybe even things we’d like to borrow to try out.

You know you have a zillion workout videos, water bottles, tank tops….whatever it may be..that you’re not using.  We should trade off!

I may come up with something better than this page but, for now, let’s just post here.  If you have some running gear sitting around that you’re not using, post it in the comments section here and maybe someone will want to trade you something for it!

Happy Trading

9 thoughts on “Wanna trade?

  1. Hey Ladies who like running in the skirts: I have a grey running skirt with shorts attached in a size small that I do not like. I think it is “Champion” brand. Anyone want it?

  2. I have a BRAND NEW solid white Nike running tank in size Medium. I don’t like the way it fits me. Has never been worn. Since it’s new, I’d like to sell it for at least something, but I will be VERY VERY reasonable if anyone wants to make an offer.

  3. I have several pairs of those really cute short Nike running shorts in size SMALL and MEDIUM. Very good condition. The problem is I have learned I can’t run in shorts. Chafing. I’ll sell them for $5 a pair. Or make me an offer. If you want to try them on, we can set that up.

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