Run Groups


Fortunately for you, we have something for everyone!!  We truly believe that anyone can run….even you.

Having coached individuals for distances from the 5K to ultra marathons and Sprint triathlons to Ironmans, we have something to offer everyone out there.  I truly believe everyone has an inner athlete and with the right training, we can bring this inner athlete to life.

Current and Upcoming training groups 2017

*  Gift Certificates available in any amount

*  Monthly Personalized Coaching: $150 ($120 for Star Runners)

Personalized coaching: we will sit down and determine what race(s) you want to do and you will get bi-weekly, individualized training plans. You will be tested so that we can come up with accurate personal goals.

Personalized coaching is available for running races of all distances and triathlons of all distances.

*  Spring Training: Feb 25th – May 13th: $150

Group training for: Bluff City 10K (May 13th)


*  Strength and Flexibility for Runners $100 / month

We will meet outdoors and go through an hour of the best exercises and stretches for runners.

Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6 PM

*  Fall FULL Marathon training: TBD

Group runs will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

*  Cooper Young 4 Miler training:TBD

Group runs will be Tuesday’s, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Appropriate for beginners as well as veteran runners

* Fall HALF Marathon training: TBD

Group runs will be Tuesday’s, Thursdays, and Saturdays

how to join:

*contact Star (see “Contact Us” page) ; you may pay via paypal (button below)

**DISCLAIMER:  so apparently wordpress (my blog hoster) doesn’t like “buy now” buttons on paypal which is why it is a “donate” button.  weird, i know.  either way, it’s the same thing- you pay, you’re a member of the group 🙂

add on?

Star Runners sticker – $5

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