Inquiring Minds Wanna Know  

How is Star Runners different from other running groups around town?

Star Runners is led by Star Ritchey, an RRCA certified running coach.  Star focuses on coaching each runner.  Star Runners groups are often race specific and plans are individualized to help each person reach his or her goal.  Many local running groups are just that- running groups.  Star Runners is more of a coaching / training group for runners.

I am a beginner runner- would i fit in?

Absolutely!  We love people of all paces.  Our Couch to 4 Miler program is a great place for true beginners to start.  This program takes people from  a walk / run to running the Cooper Young 4 Miler.  With the right amount of coaching, you will quickly figure out that you DO have a runner hidden inside you!

I am a seasoned runner- would i fit in?

Absolutely!  We love people of all paces.  There is space for everyone in our groups.  We even love more seasoned runners for our Couch to 4 Miler training group.  We have modifications for both the beginner and the more advanced.  For example, if we’re doing a beginner run and are taking walk breaks, we provide the more advanced runner with drills they can do to improve their running while the beginner group is walking.  It actually works really well to have people of all levels in the same group.  We have found that this motivates all runners.

Do you offer individual coaching?

We do!  We offer one on one coaching for any level runner.  Please email for more info.

Do you provide online coaching?

We do!  We provide individualized plans for runners from all over.  Plans are made based on each persons current fitness level and upcoming goals.  Email for more info.

Are your running groups intimidating?  I’ve tried to run with groups before and feel like it’s a competition.

We really strive to keep all of our training programs fun, regardless of what we’re training for.  It’s most important to us for people to WANT to run and our goal is to help you learn to love it.  We do a lot of social activities outside of just running.  We’re more like a family than a running group.

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