Sweat is Pretty


I was recently speaking with a woman I know and she said, “i don’t sweat. Ewwww. That’s just gross”.  Of course I was inwardly rolling my eyes as I like to sweat.  It makes me feel good.

A few days later, while on a run, I started thinking about it again.  “It’s gross.  Ewww” popped into my head.  I started my run a little later in the day so not only was I sweating, I was drenched.  My hair was plastered to my head and my shirt was looking more like a pathetic entry in a wet t-shirt contest.  I didn’t feel gross though.  I felt awesome.

I love to work up a good sweat.  This is good for my soul.  I know I probably look my worst when I’m out on a run but this is when I really care the least.  I’m not self conscious.  I don’t care how “bad” I look.  Whether it’s a good workout or one I’m struggling to complete, I am still grateful to be out there and thrilled that my body allows me to do the things I do.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think I am this beautiful runner.  I still feel like I am mimicking Phoebe at times and I am perfectly aware my face gets beet red.  This is actually probably a good interpretation of me when out on a run:


The weird thing is, I am more self conscious when I’m not sweating.  When I’m dressed up to go out, this is when I am harder on myself.  This is when I think, “how do I look? my hair is so frizzy. I should have changed.  blah, blah, blah”.  None of these types of things creep in to my head when I’m out working up a sweat.

I hope to never think sweating is “ewwww” and will be grateful if I’m still able to get “gross” many years from now.

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