One of my favorite “you’re 40” gifts, sent to me from one of my athletes (i love it so much, i thought i’d share 🙂 ) : (and the picture above because they’re my favorite people to bring 40 in with!)

40 Reasons I Love My Coach, Star:

1.       She loves running and teaching people to run.

2.       She is a runner herself.

3.       She put in the hours and training it takes to be a certified coach.

4.       She labors over coaching her runners and works seven days a week to support us.

5.       She sits out in the cold when we run even though she hates it.

6.       She never asks us to run a route she wouldn’t do herself.

7.       She helped me PR the Cooper Young 4-miler, twice.

8.       She helped me PR the St. Jude Memphis ½ Marathon twice.

9.       She helped me PR the Rock n Roll New Orleans ½ Marathon.

10.   She, in short, has helped me PR every race I’ve run so far.

11.   She trained me all through my second pregnancy and helped me stay strong.

12.   She worries over those who struggle as a former social worker.

13.   She has spirit, and spunk and snark (things I appreciate).

14.   She believes in the power of cross training.

15.   She believes and teaches ANYONE can be a runner.

16.   She won’t ever let me quit or slack in any way.

17.   She gets up at the crack of dawn to coach us even though she hates mornings.

18.   She helps foster a community of runners.

19.   She fosters said community be taking ridiculous pictures of us in the dark in running gear and then makes and emails out a team roster.

20.   She emails us and beats us into liking each other for our own good (see above directory).

21.   She teaches us to believe in the uniqueness of every run and to respect every distance.

22.   She cultivates and appreciates strength and will highlight the power of an individual who achieves.

23.   She is a planner and follows through on every part of her promised plan.

24.   She speaks her truth…always.

25.   She obsesses about her runners…even following us online at races when not present.

26.   She pushes herself…learning to swim so as to better coach her triathletes.

27.   She brings her runners together… to drink…after they have earned those drinks.

28.   She answers emails and texts and calls even when we encourage her to ignore some.

29.   She married a runner and supports him fully.

30.   She beats safety into our heads for our own good.

31.   She freely shares tips and tricks and recommendations on all things needed to be a runner.

32.   She blogs to give us perspective, and encouragement and laughs.

33.   She is making Memphis a better, healthier place.

34.   She has impacted the health of countless lives.

35.   She is a passionate animal lover and encourages us all to be the same.

36.   She knows what is good for us even when we doubt ourselves.

37.   She pushes, but she also knows when to walk away.

38.   She passionately advocates for what she believes in and what makes us better.

39.   She is friends with her clients and truly cares about them.

40.   She taught me to be a passionate runner when I never thought I could be one.

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