Lessons from Ryan

I am a Ryan Hall fan.  I have rooted for him since he first hit the Olympics scene in 2008 (and before as he worked to qualify).  I want him to succeed.  But so often we don’t get to watch him perform.  It seems that he’s often injured and pulling up lame in a race or pulling out all together.

He was scheduled to run the NY Marathon last week and just days before, it hit the news that he was pulling out.  Ugh.  Again, I was rooting for him.  I wanted to see him run that and was hopeful he would finally show up and run the race he’s been trying to run for so many years.

Then I read the following article: http://running.competitor.com/2013/10/training/lessons-learned-from-ryan-halls-new-york-city-marathon-withdrawal_87419/1. What an incredible article with such great insight and plenty of food-for-thought for all of us!

The three main points that we should all adhere to:

1) Break the injury cycle: Until we’re injury free, we shouldn’t push to start training for a race.  I know we all fall into this.  We want the goal, we want the run.  We’ll do anything to get there, even if it means training before we’re ready.

2) Train to your CURRENT fitness level: The article talks about how Ryan is training for a 2:03-2:04 marathon but is more of a 2:08 marathoner.  What a difference this makes.  The article states, “Training for paces you’re not fit enough to handle is the easiest way to overtrain, get injured, and stagnate.  Base your training off your current physiological fitness and let your recent races tell you how fit you are and what your goals should be.”  I cannot stress this enough.  Of course you want a sub 2 Half but if you’re not yet a sub 2 half runner, train for the 2:05 that you are!

3) Don’t train for the same race all of the time:  I think this is great advice.  I find that once people start to train for the marathon distance especially, that’s all they want to train for but it might not be a bad idea to throw a Half season or 5K summer in there too!

Still rooting for Ryan but I do think maybe he should sit back and take a quick read through this article too 😉

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