We took this picture as we finished our last “long” run before we head to TX for our next race.  We just had to laugh as we were trudging  through the trails in the pouring rain to get this last 10 miles in.  It’s been a loooong few months trying to get ready for this race but it’s been great.  It’s interesting the things you’ll do and the things you enjoy when you have a goal in sight.

I spent 4 months last summer unable to run due to some back problems so I have been extra careful reintroducing running and upping my mileage since September but I knew immediately I wanted to focus on a new race.  With this focus came a refreshed love of the sport and a will to get out there and train no matter what.  I can’t think of the last time Keith and I have been on the same training schedule so this has been extra fun.  I’ve been lucky to have Keith by my side for almost every one of these training runs.

We’re certainly at that point in training where we’re tired, our bodies hurt, we were craving the taper but now we’re craving the run, we’re wondering if we did enough, we’re knowing we’re ready, but, most of all, we’re just happy with where we are.  I spent September, October, and November running the trails during the week, immediately followed by a visit to the PT (2 times a week) and my long runs were slowly ramping up.  November 23 was my first longish run in 8 months and kind of kicked off our long run Fridays.

SInce late November, we have not had a long run under 13 miles and most have been upwards of 18+.  We’ve run 3 marathon distance runs in the past 10 or so weeks.  No wonder we’re tired!  I never thought I would run 3 marathons in 10 weeks.  In realizing this, I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a break…not a break from running but a break from worrying about whether or not we’ve done enough.  I know I’ve done all I could do while trying to rehab my back and the same time I’m upping my mileage.

It’s definitely been a fun and adventurous few months 🙂


I spent several months, 2-3 times a week in the above position.  I would just lay there and plot my next run.  Fortunately, after 4 mentally agonizing months, I got the ok to go for a run.  Yay!


Keith and I immediately hit the trails.  It was pure heaven!  The sun on my body, mud on my legs, and a much needed few miles with my best friend.  I was back!  I knew I needed to be careful so I continued PT for another couple of months (and have now continued my PT exercises on my own).


This was one of our first runs at Shelby Forest when we were training for Swamp Stomper. Yuk!  I have a healthy fear of snakes so although I also hate the cold, I was kind of welcoming it to get rid of these little boogers.  This one had zero desire to move off the trail!


This was an interesting run.  The snow was weighing the trees down so it was more of a limbo the whole time.  Beautiful though.



This run (above) was a 20 miler, about 32 degrees, and rained the entire time.  We tried to make the best of it by stopping at our favorite overlook and taking a quick picture.


This picture (above) was taken as we’re nearing the finish line at Swamp Stomper.


With all the rain, we’ve had lots of flooded trails over the past few months!

Here’s one of my favorites.  Seriously, we have to cross that?



Georgia and Keith were my sherpas one day I had to do 26 and Keith was injured.  I think it was in the low 20’s the entire rain and this is the day I had to build bridges just to get through the trail.  Stretching with my girl before we head home.


Before Sylamore…17 degrees wind chill and light snow flurries.


After Sylamore.  Ouch!


Taking a moment to save this turtle to scoot this turtle down into a field.

It’s definitely been a fun few months with lots of adventure, lots of cold weather, lots of rain, and lots of great time with Keith.  I think I’ll actually miss this training when it’s all said and done but I certainly won’t miss my hat, gloves, tights, and numerous layers.  Bring on the heat….just leave the snakes behind!

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. wow, I can’t believe the distances you’ve been running. Very excited for you guys this weekend!
    Have a great time!!

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