Checking Your Goggles?


About this time last year, I took my first swim lesson.  I hired a swim coach that I pretty much knew nothing about but I was going with a friend.  Our first lesson was nothing more than putting our face in the water, going under, and just a little bit of splashing around.  I liked him because he didn’t make it too hard…..that first day.

By the second lesson we were to swim to one end and back.  I was pretty terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do this.  Funny thing is, I could.  Somehow he knew more than me what I was capable of doing.  Then came the 3rd lesson, not only were we to swim to one end and back, we were to only take a breath and start right back over.  Well, I managed to swim down and back but before heading out again, I felt the need to check my goggles.

Even funnier thing about this was he knew I really wasn’t having a goggle issue.  Maybe I had actually convinced myself that I was but he knew I was just buying time..taking those few extra breaths.  I argued with him that I needed to fix my leaky goggle and he said to me, “just like your runners who need to suddenly re-tie their shoes?”  Ding ding ding, he was speaking my language!  Not only did I head straight back into the water, even when i did have a leaky goggle, I just powered on through.

Oh boy do we see this all the time!  Just last week we had a pretty tough run workout in which we gave a 2 minute recovery in the middle.  It’s funny how 2 minutes sounds like a long time until you’re in the middle of a tough workout and suddenly it sounds like a few seconds.  As Keith and I timed peoples recovery, we watched 2 minutes suddenly turn to 2:05, 2:10, even 2:20 for some people.  Yes, you can certainly sneak in some extra breaths when re-setting your Garmin, changing the song on your iPod, getting that last sip of water but really all you’re doing is checking your goggles.

2 thoughts on “Checking Your Goggles?

  1. Ok…this I my favorite blog in a while. We have ALL been here. Any excuse you can find to make it stop. Make the immediate pain and discomfort subside for just a minute. Just fight through it!! This is where you will benefit the most. Not to mention, learn the most about yourself. Next time you get here PLEASE don’t “check your goggles”. If no one is looking, check your gut and DO NOT “check your goggles”. If Star and I are around, we may call you out (out of love) “Don’t check your goggles”.
    I recently “checked my goggles” and I am PISSED about it. It hurt like hell and yep….I bailed and “checked my MFing goggles”!! It will happen again…but not anytime soon.
    Hang in there!!!!!!

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