Let’s Dance….Naked

On our run this morning, we were talking about The Biggest Loser (yes, i told you i am hooked) and more specifically about the kids.  It’s such a shame that some parents don’t take more responsibility for their children’s health by teaching them healthy eating and enjoyable fitness.  How is a child supposed to know these things if not taught?

A child doesn’t need to be raised knowing the word “diet” but they should be familiar with what a healthy diet consists of.  A child shouldn’t think of fitness as work but they should understand that being active is good for them.  Children should be raised to have a positive body image so that they turn into adults with a positive body image.  Nobody has the perfect figure and, yes, plenty of people should do better but all the negativity can only make it worse.

I know parents of very different unhealthy..in my opinion..extremes- one parent I know only feeds her children only junk food.  I think this parent thinks she is a more fun parent by doing this.  Why be the bad guy and introduce broccoli?  Gasp!  I also know a parent or two who spend a lot of time talking about dieting and being skinny and they’re doing this in front of their very impressionable little girls.  Both of these extremes can cause such an unhealthy relationship with food, fitness, and body image.  It makes me sad.

Lauri was telling me about a blog post she read and I have thought about it constantly every since!  The mom is a runner and seemingly fit.  One night, during bath time, she noticed her 7 year old little girl pinching the “fat” on her sides.  She asked her daughter about it and was told that some kids at school had called her fat.  I can only imagine how sad that must have made this mom and how worried.  She spoke with her daughter about body image and loving her body but also knew that she must show her so…get this…they dance naked in front of the mirror before bed every night.  How awesome is that!  The mom, as uncomfortable as she may be staring at her naked self being silly in the mirror, is also benefiting from this as well.

This got me thinking.  Would I be comfortable stripping down and dancing in front of the mirror every night?  Heavens no but why not?  Because I don’t have the healthiest of body images.  I am vowing to change this.   I eat as healthy as I want to eat and I exercise as much as I want to exercise and I have to accept that I’m not perfect.  So, who wants to join me in the challenge of dancing naked in front of the mirror every day?  Not together!  I’m certainly not ready for public nakedness but let’s do this.  It’s not only healthy for 7 year old little girls, it’s healthy for everyone!

oh, and sorry there’s no picture to accompany this post but i couldn’t really post an appropriate one

3 thoughts on “Let’s Dance….Naked

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