Tough Love?



Keith and I watched The Biggest Loser for the first time last night.  I have seen bits and pieces over the years but I’ve never had any desire to actually spend time watching it.  We decided to give it a chance this year though since they’ve decided to have kids on the show.  Having seen how the people are treated and spoken to, we were definitely curious as to how they would handle the children.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  Instead of throwing the kids in the gym and screaming at them until they cried (as in how they handled the adults), they took them outside and played games with them.  Awesome!  Instead of berating them, they are treating them with respect which also teaching them that fitness can be fun.  I really enjoyed it and hate that they won’t be a bigger part of the show.

It was a whole different ballgame inside the gym though.  I think I watched most of the show with my jaw on the floor.  As a personal trainer, I cannot imagine speaking to my clients like that!  I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought all of those things at one point or another but, seriously, does that work?  I get that it works for ratings and a tv show but would it work for you?

I have had clients absolutely refuse to do something, moan and groan as if they are having their leg cut off, throw up, cry, get pissed, and simply just give up but I still can’t imagine that had I gotten in their face and screamed at them to “get the F out of my gym”, it would have gone over very well.  I will never forget the client who cried the first time I got her to the mat and had her do sit ups (i’m talking face in the hands, hysterical crying) or the client who ran to the bathroom to pretend throw up each time I made her jump rope.  With all of these, I’ve already tried to offer positive reinforcements and softly and quietly motivate but now I’m thinking maybe I’m doing it all wrong.  Jillian’s tactics (or antics!) sure look more fun.  I don’t know.  What do you think?  Should i try it?


3 thoughts on “Tough Love?

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