A Mental Health 2013


Did you know that only 40% of people who make a New Year’s Resolution make it until June before failing and only 8% of people who end the year successful?  I saw this statistic on The Today Show, I believe, and although it seems staggering, I get why.  People are too vague when making their resolutions.  There’s no true goal set.  It’s just a nebulous, “I’m going to be healthy” that gets people in trouble.

Because of this, I’ve never been super keen on resolutions.  Having been a personal trainer for many years, I get to hear lots of these weak statements that just don’t have much meat to them.  I do think each new year is a great reminder to us to take a moment to look back on the year we just had.  Spend some time evaluating it- what was great about it but what could you maybe do differently to make it even better?  Once you’ve done this, set some real definitive goals and make the plans for achieving them.  Right there, you’ve ahead of the majority.  So, instead of “I’m going to be healthy”, why not “I’m making an appointment with a nutritionist to reevaluate my diet” or “I’m going to run x miles per week for 2013.”  At least these will start to push you in the right direction.

Looking back, I had a great 2012…I had a Half Marathon PR after taking 2 years off from running that distance, I faced my fear of swimming with some swim lessons, I started doing triathlons (something i truly thought i would NEVER do), I received the Memphis Business Journals Top 40 Under 40 award, Star Runners continued to grow, and Keith, Georgia, and I spent another year of pure bliss together…but, even with all of that, I have realized that I let some of the things I love the most go.

I allowed my job to take over and I started having a hard time separating myself- we missed our vacation this year, I no longer found time to cook, I didn’t do a single thing in the yard (i’ve always planted herbs and flowers), and I completely stopped reading which is something I absolutely love to do .  Between my training clients and the groups, I even had a stent where I worked for 82 straight days without a day off.

This year will be different!  I’m certainly not complaining because 2012 was a great year but I know that 2013 can be even better.  I plan to focus a little more on my mental health.  My plan is really just to get back in touch with some of the more simple things that I really love.  So, I resolve to:

*  Read books:  I’m not going to place a # on how many but I do plan to start spending some quiet time reading again….books that aren’t work related!  I would love to read about 1 per month as an addition to the stuff I always read for work.  If you have any good book suggestions, send them my way!

*  Vacation:  Nobody should skip their vacation!  I tagged along on one of Keith’s work trips to Florida so I did spend a couple of days at the pool but that was without Keith and I spent the entire time on my computer working.  I already know of 1 small trip we’ll take in the Fall (Ole Miss / TX game) so I’m going to start working on something for the Spring soon.  I’m not allowing race trips to count!

*  Journal:  Although i do intend to start blogging more, I also want to start journaling again- not something for the universe but just something for me.  I have always felt that this is a really good way to keep your mental health in check.

*  Yoga:  Yep, i’m putting this on here again.  I WILL do yoga at least once per week, whether in a class or at home.  Yoga is so great for both mental and physical health that it’s just one of those things that I should make the time for.

*  Do a race that is outside of my comfort zone:  I’m planning to do my first trail race in a few weeks – 16.3 miles 🙂  The distance isn’t something that scares me but this distance on trails certainly does!  I’m not sure what will come after that but I do enjoy trying things that I once thought I couldn’t do.

*  Plant a small garden:  We don’t have a yard so I’m not totally sure how i’m going to handle this one but I have a few months to work on it!

*  Try a new recipe at least monthly:  I’m a cookbook fiend so this shouldn’t be a problem.  I just have to make the time and quit allowing work to be my excuse for not doing it. (picture above: 1st new recipe of the year- technically on 12/31 but i’m counting it!  Malted Milk Ball Cupcakes)

*  Hug:  This one makes me laugh but I really mean it.  You know how a good hug can just make you feel better.  People don’t hug enough.  I’m not a super touchy feely kind of person unless I really know you but I will learn to let my guard down a little and give and hopefully receive some really great hugs.  Why not, right?!   🙂

That’s all I can think of for now.  Nothing too life altering but just some things I’d like to add back into my daily life.  I will add to this list as I think of other things.  I’m fortunate to have a job I love and a family that is absolutely wonderful so I owe it to the world to be the best me I can be.  What about you?  Resolutions?  Goals?  You know, I’m a believer in putting them out into the universe to start the “I will” process of making them happen.  Share with the world and you’re on your way to success!

8 thoughts on “A Mental Health 2013

  1. Holly’s 2013 “Resolutions”
    – Maintain an exercise and food journal (got started on this last night)
    – Begin to Enjoy excercise, and learning to focus in the process. I need to get beyond just the “I have to make it to the end” mentality. I want to know what a “groove” feels like and to be able to evaluate myself mid-run.

    • great goals, Holly! thank you for posting. i always appreciate and encourage comments. it’s great to hear what people think plus, i really do believe that with goals, the more people you tell, the more likely you are to achieve them!

  2. My resolutions are typically going for a weight goal. I’m happy to say that I’ve made this resolution each of the last two years and each time I’ve gotten down to what I was shooting for. Two years ago I got into a ten lb range I hadn’t seen in years and kind of hovered in that range all year. Last year I decided to get down into the ten lbs lower than that and miraculously, stayed there all year but had a banner day in september when I dropped under the lowest rung in that 10lb range. This year I’m trying for 10lbs less than that. But I’ve always been very VAUGUE about what those numbers are. Embarassment? Perhaps. But one thing some of us who’ve been star runners for a few years now like to discuss is that on runs we talk about just about anything and everything… so this year I’m putting it completely out there. Last year I started at around 230something and had a goal of 220, which I hadn’t seen since probably my late 20’s/early 30’s. I actually dipped under 220 september 28, 2012 with a weight of 218. This year the goal is 210! And I want to get there before my 40th birthday, which is the first week of May this year. (may 4th to be exact… Star Wars day. But that’s a different discussion) So there it is. I finally posted a weight goal on this blog without the use of algebraic variables. 210 is the goal. Miraculously, through the holiday season, I topped out at 224. So 14 lbs in 16 weeks. So I began several days ago with the tried and true process of logging all my foods and exercise into the livestrong site, which has worked WONDERS for me in the past (try it if you haven’t before. It works really well and it’s free). 210, here I come…

    Oh… and for those of you who are new to running and thinking you’ll NEVER be able to lose weight… for some perspective… I began with star runners in the summer of 2010 and weighed 259. (I’ve never put that in writing either) That’s 35 lbs. so keep running. It works!

    now where did I put that box of oreos?

    (kidding… totally kidding!)

  3. Resolutions are so difficult! I always shoot for incremental measurable improvements… but thats the manufacturing background coming out. I am trying to go for healthier snacks and to eat the same number of calories per day but just not in the evenings. Call me crazy but i think it helps me not wake up so hungry in the mornings.
    What a list, Star! Cheers to a successful 2013!

  4. Here are my resolutions…better late than never:

    1. Play something new on the piano every week
    2. Give up sugary, chewy, delicious candy
    3. Cook dinner three nights a week (putting together a big salad counts as “cooking” dinner in my world)
    4. Cross train (this was a resolution last year and I kinda sorta failed in a big way) twice a week.
    5. Run another marathon (or two!)

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