Here goes the year..

Time flies when you’re having fun.  It seems like just yesterday, we were talking about training for triathlons.  Since then we’ve not only trained for and raced numerous triathlons, trained for and raced the Cooper Young 4 Miler, and are only weeks away from the St. Jude Half and Full Marathons.

People are starting to talk about what’s next…will it be a Full Marathon, maybe a triathlon, an out of town race?  Although I hate looking past our current race to pick the next thing, I have no choice.  We’ll be on to the next thing in no time at all.

I’ve spent the past few days looking ahead to 2013 to see what kind of fun stuff we can get into then.  Seems like there’s lots of stuff on the list!  Of course we’ll train for NOLA and Germantown again and will be kicking off training with our 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt Run!  It just seems logical to do NOLA again.  After a couple of years of battling the crowds in Nashville, we decided to give NOLA a try and we loved it.  The course was great, it’s an easy drive, there are beignets, great weather, there are beignets, and there are beignets!  Did I mention there are beignets?

Why not throw in Germantown when it’s only a few weeks after New Orleans.  What’s another race, right?!

Of course, the triathlon training will overlap the NOLA/Gtown training.  The tri training will be super fun this year.  Last year was all about working out the kinks.  The biggest kink I found was that as soon as our “official” training was over with MIM, most peoples training completely fell off.  I stressed over and over that you race a complete triathlon season rather than just one race but, without structured training, it was just really tough for people to stay motivated.  This year we’ll kick the racing season off with MIM and end it in Sandestin (for those who want to travel to the beach, party a lot, and “tri” a little)!  Tri training will span 6 months rather than 3 months like last year.  I am already excited about how fit we’re all gonna get!

Overlapping the tri training will be the 4 Miler and Full Marathon groups.  Overlapping these, we’ll move in the Half Marathon group.

I’m thinking we may pick some 5K’s to race in 2013 since that is something we don’t usually do.  Maybe some more pub runs, Starry Nights again, and whatever other fun stuff we can come up with!

Good grief, before you know it, it’s 2014!!


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