Big Girls Do Cry

There is no crying in running.  Right?  Actually, there just might be.  I can’t count how many times I have cried during or after a run.  This doesn’t make me weak or any less of a runner.  I’m just a really passionate person and I run with all that I have, physical and mental.  I’ve had all kinds of cries- sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated, happy.  You name the emotion and I’ve probably had it on a run.  I’m not ashamed of it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  These aren’t full fledged hissy fits but I don’t think there anything wrong with some tears here and there.

I distinctly remember my happy tears after my first marathon, my panicked tears when I sprained my ankle 5 days before a race, my pained tears on a 20 miler, my angry and frustrated tears when runs just didn’t go my way….even those tears during a race when I was in pain and Keith said, “oh no,  you can’t cry, you’ll get even more dehydrated.  You need to save your water!”  Ha!

It seems that we have someone who needs to shed a few tears at every run.  They’re always kind of embarrassed and apologetic but that’s completely unnecessary.  It often goes like this:  Me:  “How was your run?”  Runner:  “Terrible.  I cried at mile x.”  Oh well.  You cried.  You also pushed on and overcame whatever it was and lived to tell about it.  It seems that it wouldn’t be a group run if someone didn’t cry (and someone else didn’t fall 😉 ).

In the past week alone, I’ve seen happy tears, discouraged tears, and exhausted tears from the group.  What I’ve also seen is each of these people being proud to have accomplished that particular run that was put in front of them that day.   Running can be emotional because people are typically at their most vulnerable state during a run.  You start to let your guard down.  You  expect things of yourself you never once imagined. There’s absolutely no shame in being an emotional runner.  Just remember that under these tears, a stronger person may be growing.  Cry, stomp your feet, do whatever you need to do but NEVER give up.

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