Faith, Focus, Finish


The amazing power of a power word…or three.  “Faith, Focus, FInish, Faith, Focus, Finish” is what Manteo Mitchell kept repeating to himself as he was running on a broken fibula in the mens 4×400 relay last night in the Olympics.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Manteo Mitchell heard and felt the pop around the 200M mark but said he just did what he figured anyone else in his situation would have done…kept running.

As Keith and I watched, along with the rest of the world, we wondered what was going on. Why in the world is Mitchell falling so far behind?  He sure is making it tough for the next 3 to get us into the finals.  Little did we know, he had broken his leg as we were watching.

As the article states, “He said he slipped on the stairs a few days ago in the athletes village but didn’t think much of it. Training went well and he felt good when he lined up to kick things off for the Americans. He said he was feeling great, as well, when he looked at the clock while approaching the 200-meter mark, somewhere in the high-20 or low-21-second range.  “I was doing my job,” Mitchell said. “But probably at 201 meters, I heard it and I felt it.”

He credited something more than simple adrenaline for pushing him the rest of the way around the track.  “Faith, focus, finish. Faith, focus, finish. That’s the only thing I could say to myself,” he said.”

Wow!  The power of a power word.  The US went on to make the finals and will be competing for the GOLD tonight as Mitchell looks on from the sidelines in his walking boot. His teammates credit his sheer selflessness for their moving forward but he credits 3 little words..Faith, Focus, Finish.

4 thoughts on “Faith, Focus, Finish

        • was “cookie monster” a fat joke?

          and those are good guesses, but no…
          It was right after the part where you’d spoken to the little kid aiden (wtf kinda name is that–begging for playground nicknames)

          “Don’t Say You Can’t”

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