Love Affair

Most people assume I have always had a love affair with Running.  Not the case.  It took several years before I truly fell in love with Running but I think it took Running even longer to fall in love with me.

When I decided I would start running, I just expected this perfect relationship…the one where you are so excited to be together, the one where you feel so comfortable, the one that is “the” one.  I was surprised when it was not this way.  I felt like I was constantly giving it my all but Running wasn’t giving anything to me.  Or was it?

Yes, Running had a funny way of teaching me perseverance and determination.  I think Running knows that if it’s too easy you won’t come back for more.  You have to prove to Running that you’re in it for the long haul and then Running will start letting you in.  I ran for a couple of years before I ever felt like I found my groove.  I had done 2 Half Marathons but still didn’t really love Running like I wanted to love Running.  I was frustrated and really couldn’t figure it out and then it hit me, I was expecting too much out of this fairly new relationship.

I expected every run to feel good and be perfect and they’re just not that way.  It wasn’t until my 3rd Half Marathon, the first I was running completely on my own- didn’t even know anyone else in the race, that I realized that sometimes the “bad” runs are just as epic as the good ones.  That race changed me.  It changed my relationship with Running.  I began to respect Running more and I think Running maybe even started to fall for me a little bit.  It seemed that we finally started to find our balance.

Many Half Marathons and a couple of Marathons later, this love affair between me and Running has really blossomed.  We still struggle on occasion but we know we’re in it for the long haul.  No matter how frustrated I get when a run doesn’t go my way, I never regret it.  It just keeps me wanting to come back for more.  I know that this relationship cannot be one sided.  I have to give a lot if a lot is what I expect in return.  Like any other relationship, this one has to be nurtured as it is constantly evolving.

This is a relationship I’m happy and proud to be a part of.  Running, I’m pretty sure you’re the one for me.

2 thoughts on “Love Affair

  1. No matter how frustrated I get when a run doesn’t go my way, I never regret it. It just keeps me wanting to come back for more.

    this is the best line of your post.
    Some of the only runs I’ve ever regretted are the ones I didn’t do.
    I’ve often grumbled and groaned about leaving the house to run.
    But seldom have I been sorry I went once it was over.
    (except for a couple “GI Distress” related runs… whole different story)
    good blog entry star.

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