Tuesday Testimonial

Guest Post by Toby Sells

I rose at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday to meet my team for a three-mile run with fartleks. If the me before Star Runners would have read that four years ago, he would have been incredulous and confused.  “No way you got up that early on Tuesday. Monday is pint night at your favorite bar,” he would have said. “Why did you run three miles? Someone chasing you?”

Yeah, he was a real funny guy. So, you can imagine what he would’ve thought about “fartleks.” But at least that guy back then knew he wanted a change from his couch-and-bar-stool lifestyle.
I just didn’t know how the miles (somewhere north of at least 1,500 miles by now) I’ve run with Star and Keith Ritchey would change me. No, I’m not a model or an athlete now. But I’ve got push. Push enough to run those training miles even when I don’t want to. Push enough to get over the finish lines of a marathon, a handful of half marathons, a 200-mile team relay and a bunch of other races – stuff I honestly never thought I could do.
Those miles have also helped me deal with the tough stuff of life. Some runs feel like outdoor therapy sessions with friends.
 This team works for me. My teammates are supportive because we’re in it together in one way or another. Our coaches, Star and Keith, stay true to their core values of hard work and consistency and never make light of someone’s effort or lack of knowledge.
 Even the me before Star Runners would’ve been in to that. The me as a Star Runner is glad he decided to try.

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