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Big props to the Commercial Appeal for giving a shout out to our very own, Melanee Hannock, for their Success Story!

If you haven’t seen the article, i’ve reposted it here:

(originally posted in the Commercial Appeal on June 25th, 2012)

Exercise presented Melanee Hannock with the opportunity to try things she otherwise never would have found herself doing.

As a way to lose weight, the marketing professional decided to join a running group last spring and work up to completing four miles.

“I pretty much sat on the couch for 20 years,” said Hannock, 42, of Midtown. “I would say I would exercise, but I never actually did it. I needed a coach.”

At first, she couldn’t believe what her running coach, Star Ritchey of Star Runners, asked her to do.

“I remember at first I was like, ‘You mean I have to run a whole 30 seconds without stopping?'” Hannock said.

Having a mentor kept her on target, though, and by September, the former couch potato had completed the Cooper-Young Festival 4-Miler.

“Star made it fun,” Hannock said. “She sends e-mails and texts and is there energizing people.”

Hannock’s success inspired her to run the St. Jude Memphis Half-Marathon in December, then another in New Orleans, until she found herself preparing for her first triathlon this spring.

“I didn’t want to because of the swimming,” Hannock said. “Star talked me into it.”

Eventually, Hannock hit her stride.

“It was pretty awesome,” she said. “I like doing the three sports. Swimming is actually fun,” she said.

Now she finds herself biking, swimming and running almost every day.

“I go to different places,” she said. “I like to bike in Millington because of the hills. I’ll do the Greenline to Shelby Farms. I really like that. When I was a kid, I would swim and bike all the time. It’s like being a kid again.”

She also finds herself opting for the stairs more often.

“I feel great going up a flight of stairs now. I use the elevator a lot less,” she said.

Her new lifestyle has been kind to her waistline as well.

“My clothes fit a lot better,” Hannock said. “People say I look like I lost weight.”

Exercising and feeling better have her wanting to put more healthful foods in her body too.

“I’m eating more fresh things, like apples and bananas and almonds for snacks. I’m cognizant of what is in the food I’m buying, and what’s on them, like pesticides,” she said. “I didn’t start off thinking I would make all these changes, but you start to feel better, and then you do more things to feel better.”

Hannock’s change for the better has her wondering what she has been doing all these years.

“I can’t believe I waited 20 years to do this,” she said. “If I knew I would feel this good, I would have done it a lot sooner. It goes back to Star, though. I could not have done this without a group.”

Melanee Hannock

Age: 42.

Home: Midtown.

What she did: Hannock joined Star Runners group to work up to running a 4-miler last spring.

Running group: Star Runners,

Advice: “Figure out what motivates you. For me, it was joining a group.”

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