It hit me yesterday, as I was at Stern for another heart test, that your Power Word (old post: https://starrunnersmemphis.com/2011/06/13/strong/) doesn’t only come in handy during runs.  My word for the St. Jude training was “strong.”  I used this word a ton on tough runs.  I wrote it on my arm, had it on my pace band, and had in on repeat in my head during the race.

Well, yesterday wasn’t a whole lot different.  I didn’t have it written on my hand and I had no use for a pace bracelet but, boy did i repeat it over and over before and during my test.  “You’re strong.  Be strong.”  Over and over.  As the anesthesiologist was placing the IV, the nurse told me to ‘go to my happy place.’  Instead of picturing myself sitting on a beach, sipping pina coladas, I repeated my power word over and over.  My body and mind knew I wasn’t sitting on a beach sipping pina colada’s so I figured there was no point in pretending.  My body and mind couldn’t argue with me that I am strong and could be strong though!

I was thinking about all of this as I was driving home ; how my power word for running became my power word for life in general.  That’s when it hit me.  My new power word is HEART!  This has a ton of meaning for me, both psychological and physical.  I am running FOR and WITH my heart.

I’m ready for a run.  I’m ready to put this new power word to work!!


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