In 2012, i will…

As I’ve said before, I’m not big on New Years resolutions.  Maybe I just don’t like the term “resolution.”  It seems that resolutions are always vague and a little harsh.  You know, like “i want to be healthy” but then you eat a hamburger and fries and you hadn’t really defined what “healthy” means to you but then you beat yourself up because you ate the fries and just give up so then you’re no longer, for the rest of the year, trying to be healthy!

Anyway, it just seems to me that specific goals are better and i do agree there’s no better time to reevaluate all aspects of your world than at the beginning of the year.  New Years day is an easy reminder for all of us to take a moment to think about what we want for the upcoming year.

I had to laugh as i read over my goals for 2011 (posted here: .  I didn’t do the best job keeping up with all of it but I figure I did better than if they hadn’t been goals at all.  The 2 i’m most irritated that I didn’t do are:  read a book a month that doesn’t really feel like work and practice yoga at least once a week.

Unfortunately I only managed to read 2 or 3 books all year that aren’t about running or nutrition (not that i don’t love these types of books but sometimes i feel like i never stop working!).  I’m really going to do better this year.  I love to read and I owe it to myself to have some down time and enjoy a good novel.  I did more yoga in 2011 than i did in 2010 but still not enough!

So, what are my goals for 2012?

*  Become a better advocate for my own healthcare:   With my recent health scare, I am reminded that I cannot be timid and passive when it comes to my own health.  I hate to be a thorn in my cardiologists side (see, the passive part of me) but I cannot allow myself to sit around and wait on answers to come to me.

*  Yoga / Pilates:  I’m throwing this one out there again this year but adding in pilates.  My goal is to do one of these at least once a week.  I know how much better i feel when i do so I’m going to work really hard to meet this goal!

*  Read a book a month:  I’m adding this one again.  I think it’s a great goal for me to have. I love to read and sometimes sitting down to read a book feels gluttonous but I figure a little gluttony might not be bad 🙂

*  Take better care of my legs:  Rather than waiting until I’m in pain or injured, my goal is to roll my IT band and stretch every day so i can hopefully prevent the injuries and pain!  How ’bout that for practicing what i preach 😉

*  Eat more fruits and veggies:  I know this sounds kind of vague.  I plan to eat some sort of fruit or veggie every day.  This might not sound that hard for most of you but I have plenty of days where i don’t see a fruit or veggie- not that i’m eating bad but so much of my daily intake consists of almonds, granola, peanut butter, etc. so i need to make a conscious effort to get fruits and veggies!

So, this is what i’ve come up with so far.  It’s certainly not anything earth shattering but it works for me.  I tend to live a pretty healthy and happy lifestyle and there’s not much I can think that I want to change but I figure I can always do something to better my world.

I’m on track so far- I have another cardiologist appointment this week, I have a pilates date with Susan this week, I started reading a new book yesterday, I am getting on the foam roller as soon as I get off the computer, and I just left Easy Way with bags of fruits and veggies.  Yes, it may only be day 2, but that’s better than nothing, right!

So, what about you?  What are your goals for 2012?  Oh, i forgot one more thing.  I really, really, really want to PR a Half Marathon this year.  I’m going to work really hard to make this happen.  We’ll see…

12 thoughts on “In 2012, i will…

  1. My resolutions:

    FOCUS – at work, at home, with my fitness. Sometime I feel like I am all over the place. If I focus a little more maybe I will be more productive and have an increased satisfaction with life.
    NUTRITION – I want to eat more frusts and vegetables. Chris cooks with a lot of veggies, but I tend to reach for other food as snacks before an apple.
    DENTIST – I need to take better care of my teeth. I am afraid of the dentist. I never cared much about going until I got TMJ. Now I can’t seem to make time to go…like ever.

  2. First, I’ll share that one of my resolutions for 2011 was to run a half marathon. I accomplished that TWICE with help from Star and the group! I’d like to say that regular running will be a resolution for 2012, but it’s become such a habit that I can’t stop running.

    My 2012 resolutions are:

    Eating healthier – more fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. Less processed foods.

    Spiritual growth through daily devotions and regular Bible reading/studying.

    Staying connected – keeping in touch with friends near and far, old and new.

    Anyone who wants to hold me accountable is welcome to. Just ask me how I’m doing with these the next time you see me.

  3. Last year I resolved to run at least 10 miles per week. CHECK!
    Last year I resolved to get my weight down to XXX lbs. I missed it by TWO! Dammit.
    Last year I resolved to keep a clean house. Fail.
    Being a math kind of guy, I noted that this is a 33.3% resolution success rate and I’d wager that’s probably a good bit better than most Americans. Although I’m tempted to give myself credick for coming so close to my weight goal, but I had no clue as to how I should go about quantifying this, so I left it off my percentage. I digress.

    On to 2012:
    Ive taken my weight goal from LAST year modified it by five pounds and going with that. (ie last year I wanted to get to XXXlbs. This year it is XXX-5). Totally doable.
    I have resolved to only drink alcohol on the weekends. This should help contribute to success on # 1. Two birds one stone.
    #3 I have resolved to do the house cleaning thing again.Using a website that gives daily reminders and daily tasks. I need structure and this should help. trey

  4. Last year, I made no resolutions so the things I accomplished in 2011 were just icing on the cake. Please excuse the food reference since I know a lot of you are trying to avoid cake, much less icing. After nearly a 10 year hiatus from running, I never really expected to run again, especially not at age 54. I was inspired by a little girl in my neighborhood. Thanks to the St. Jude community, she is currently winning her battle with neuroblastoma. Because of her, I had the desire to run the St. Jude Half Marathon, but I didn’t believe I could do it.

    In July, tennis season was over and I was feeling out of shape, when I saw a posting on facebook about Star Runners. Couch to 4-miler sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to get back to running. I could barely run 90 consecutive seconds. At first, all I wanted to do was run back to my couch. I kept working with Star’s group and made it to the CY 4 Miler. I enjoyed it so much, I kept training and completed the half in December.

    Five pounds lighter and stronger, I believe I can become a better runner in 2012. My goals are as follows:

    1) To lose 15 pounds by recommitting to Weight Watchers.

    2) To continue to train for and run half marathons.

    3) To have realistic expectations for pace.

    4) To enjoy my rest day, knowing I worked hard six days.

    5) To get enough sleep. Good night!

  5. keep ’em coming! put it out there and let’s all hold each other accountable! andy, that was a great read. katie, i expect a dentist appointment soon 🙂 matt, it’s 7:52, have you had your daily devotion yet? trey, can i come see your house 😉 alice, how’s weight watchers going?

    • NO!!!!! YOU CANNOT See the house! YET! But my goal is 40 bags in 40 days…it is supposed to be during Lent, but I figured the new year is just as good!

  6. Like Andy, one of my resolutions is to keep running consistently. If anyone had told me in July, when I was struggling to run for 60 seconds straight, that I’d run my first half-marathon in December, I’d have laughed. Now I’m training for my second half, and am so glad I’ve committed myself to running. I feel stronger and healthier every day. I’m also going to continue to work on cutting down the amount of processed foods I eat and to work on eating more fruit and vegetables.My goals actually sound pretty routine and cliche – but I think continually bettering myself physically will help me mentally, so cliche or not, running and eating better are my resolutions for 2012!

  7. My 2011 was pretty busy so I’m looking forward to a more relaxed 2012! Here are my goals:
    1. Run 3 races longer than 5K (and consistently run all year!)
    2. Cross train two days a week (I was REALLY bad about skipping this in 2011!!)
    3. Visit 1 museum in Memphis a month- I don’t take advantage of the great history of Memphis
    4. Enjoy playing the piano at LEAST one hour each week.
    5. (I know this one is silly- but it’s a BIG goal for my husband and me) Stop feeding my little dog, Olive people food!!! =)

    We’ll see how it goes- good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!!

  8. I learned some great lessons from running last year. Ragnar proved to me (emphatically!) that running really is fun. Missing St. Jude taught me patience – there will always be another year and another race. Training taught me that there’s no substitute for experience. My running pals taught me that to get inspiration, sometimes you have to ask for it. (And then they gave and gave and gave!)
    I hope to build my arsenal of running lessons learned this year. I aim to focus on nutrition and cross training. My plans are more detailed than this but here are the three main tenants:
    1. Move more.
    2. Eat less.
    3. Eat better.
    Here are some things I will continue to do:
    1. Drink beers
    2. Eat junk food
    3. Be lazy.
    Why? Because I love ’em. Denying myself these things might change the way I feel about things on my to do list. But do ’em in moderation, right? (Damn you Ben Franklin!) I really like Andy’s link to the Beer Runner. Check it out if you haven’t. Totally worth it.

    Good luck to all my running buddies in 2012!

  9. Wow this got people’s attention. This might be the most commented on blog ever.
    I have time goals and race goals but no one really cares about that so I won’t bore you with the self indulgence.
    I do plan to enjoy my food while I eat. If I am not enjoying it, I will not eat it. If the fries are shitty, don’t finish them.
    I want to find a new hobby. I don’t know what this will be but my search is the resolution.
    I will give Star the “once a month story” once a month. (Don’t ask)
    I will hit my two major professional goals.
    I have a financial savings amount I will reach by 2013.
    I will maintain my 2011 resolution of sincerity and interest in people I am speaking with.

    That’s enough…I’m not THAT imperfect.

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