Doing it for the kids…

I was talking to someone (outside of the group) the other day about the upcoming race and  we started talking about goals.  I mentioned that I like to have an “A goal” and “B goal” and  she said, “well, i don’t have a goal.  i’m just doing it for the kids.”  She said this as if “doing it for the kids” means that she should “just” skip down the course ; as if “doing it for the kids” was her excuse to take it easy and stick within her comfort zone.

I know i can be a little crazy when it comes to goals but I gave her a perplexed look and said, “you can do it for the kids and still run hard, right?”  She looked just as perplexed as me.

For whatever reason, maybe because i’m a running coach, a social worker, and a super goal-oriented person,  I just felt like I needed to delve further into what exactly this means to her.  Yes, I restrained from doing this and instead just went home and told Keith all about it.

I went on and on and Keith said, “well yea, I’ll be running some of it for the kids too…which is exactly why I’m going to bust my ass.  Those kids bust their ass everyday fighting cancer and it’s the least I can do.”  Love it!    

This is such a good point.  If there’s ever a reason to push yourself outside of your comfort that goal that seems a little out of reach, it’s the kids of St. Jude.  They don’t shy away from pain.  They embrace it, deal with it, and overcome it.
Can you imagine, if you told any of the kids at St. Jude that you could grant them the wish of running the race, how they would run it?  I feel certain they would do it with 100% heart and 200% guts!  That’s all we have to do!
So as I run this race for the kids of St. Jude, i’ll also be running for Keith who is my biggest cheerleader, Georgia who would give anything to run, the group who are great motivators, and myself because running makes me a better role model, wife, friend….overall person.  For all of the above, i’ll be running with 100% heart and 200% guts!

5 thoughts on “Doing it for the kids…

  1. I just strongly feel that you owe it to yourself and to those that can not to honor your good fortune with a good effort. I don’t think everyone should be forced to run…there is not enough room! I will say that YOU signed up so don’t half-ass it. Give it your all and smile while you do it because we are all VERY LUCKY and that is what it boils down to…luck of the draw that we have the ability to do this. I read a great quote that I had already adopted without knowing it. “I have a great ambition to die from exhaustion rather than boredom” Why Not?!?!?!

  2. I love this Star, I do think sometimes we forget that we are running for something great here in Memphis! I recommend anybody running go for a tour at St. Jude, it is inspiring!!
    thanks for reminding us….

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