Double Digits

Tomorrow is a huge day for the Half Marathon group….their first double-digit run!! This is so exciting. I think, no matter how long you’ve been running, this is one you never forget. You get yourself so worked up, go through the typical “oh no, what if i can’t do this?” thoughts, and then you get out there on the road and rule 11 miles!

I remember many of my milestone runs and they mean more to me than lots of other runs. There’s just something about getting out there and pushing past what you thought your limits once were. You just can’t help but feel proud. I remember my first 5 mile run like it was yesterday. I remember my first double-digit run with fond memories and even remember my first 20 miler with a smile.

Lots of other runs get forgotten but i have a feeling this is going to be one that is remembered for a long time. It’s more than exciting to see a group of people who thought, 3 months ago, that they couldn’t even run 1 mile. Look at them now; planning for their first 11 mile run!!

It’s amazing what the body can do if you get your mind to back it up! It’s certainly normal to be a little nervous but you’ve just gotta turn those nerves into excitement and use that extra adrenaline. I have complete faith in this great group and can’t wait to hear about their journey into the double digits!

6 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. Double digits runs, especially with a group, are some of the best times and runs I personally have ever had!!  I want to give this years’ Half Marathon Group a major high 5!!!  Y’all really look so great out there!  I remember all these runs you are doing – I did them all last year!  Y’all just did 9 miles…it’s only 2 more!!  Go out there and kick that 11 miles butt!!!  So excited for all of y’all!!  Happy running!

  2. We ran one of our first double-digit runs on the Greenline last year. It was cold and raining (sprinkling anyway.) Me, Ansley (my wife), Erin and Julianna ran together.Julianna is an air traffic controller and I asked her talk like she does at work. (Y’know, “Delta Airlines flight 1-2-5, permission to land…”) She did it and we fell out laughing. Erin is an attorney and we had her yell, “Objection!” We laughed so hard Gu came out of our noses.It was silly but it broke what could’ve been a stressful run. By the time we finished, we were cold, soaked and tired but it wasn’t bad somehow. It was during long runs like these that I realized I was starting to have fun as a runner. I hope you do, too.Good luck tomorrow. Have fun out there.

  3. Like Toby, I remember the greenline 11 mile run like it was yesterday.Highland to Shelby Farms and back.  I read that and was like WHAT???!!!Surely that HAS to be 35 miles total.  This Star lady has me confused with an athlete or something!  Well, to the half marathon group I say you ARE athletes!  You are RUNNERS.  The only thing separating this 11 miler from your 9 miler is about 20-30 minutes and that is only about 10% physical and 90% mental.  The last 10% is knowledge, which you have gotten from Star.  (see what I did there?  110%…?  anyone?  never mind…)  It’s ok to be a little scared.  But I’ve learned a little fear of a number (and that’s all we’re talking about here) is easily re-channeled into determination to go just a little bit father.  There will be moments when you are thinking I can’t take another step.  But you can.  This is where your running buddies come in.  Talk to them.  Joke with them.  Talk in cartoon voices.  Run like Phoebe (well, not really).  Lean on each other (figuratively).  It’s just a couple more steps but the final outcome is something you can brag about forever!GOSTARRUNNERSGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a fun time for you guys but it is really fun for Star and myself.  We can sometimes get wrapped up in peoples aches and pains, making routes, blogging, etc but this is what keeps us coming back.  Remembering some of our monumental days and relating to what some of you are feeling.  If you are scared or nervous, I think that is best.  It will force you to respect what you are about to do.  Running is not for everyone and some of you will not take another step after December but when we are done with you, you will be armed with the knowledge that you can do so much more than you EVER thought possible. Above all, you have to enjoy yourself.  To do this, you may need to change your definition of “enjoy”.  It will hurt, some runs will suck but there will be a sense of “enjoyment” in at least 95% of your runs.  Accomplishment, friendship, challenge, pride, persistence, discipline, wonderment, struggle, effort, = enjoyment to us.  Hopefully to you too.Enjoy!!!!!

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