C’mon, looking for coaches you can totally trust? Why go any further than right here 😉

As i was working on training plans for the upcoming Half Marathon group today, i was thinking about how many dozens of different theories and plans there are out there. Dozens? Maybe hundreds. My training has evolved dramatically over the years. Some of that comes with experience and some comes with knowledge.

I may not be the fastest runner in Memphis but i feel pretty confident in saying i’m one of the most knowledgable. I struggled for a while with trusting myself and giving myself credit. I used to think, “why would runners who are faster than me want to train with me?” I always felt like i had to apologize for not being the fastest runner in the group. Then, as i was sitting in a classroom, my RRCA coach said, “You have to trust your knowledge and trust your experience. It doesn’t matter how fast you are as long as you’re a good coach. It’s impossible to always be the best so get over it. Tons of runners are good runners but would be terrible coaches.” A lightbulb went off. I remember telling Keith about it and his response made even more sense. He said, “Tiger Woods is the best golfer but he has a coach. Do you think his coach is a better golfer? No, he’s a better coach.” Very true!

It’s certainly not uncommon to have people question what you’re doing regardless of your experience or expertise. The non-runners (gasp!) just think none of it makes sense and the runners…..oh, boy. The runners….they will question anything and everything. Most people think that if you’re not doing what they’re doing, you just must be doing it wrong. Well, believe it or not, everyone might be a little bit right.

That’s one of the great things about running. Thank goodness there are a bunch of theories, otherwise running and training would be the exact same for everyone, for every race, and every year and that would get awfully boring!

I stand firm behind my training plans. I tend to make changes each season to the plan, some slight and some huge. This isn’t because i no longer believe in the way i did it before but more because i’m either gearing it more specifically to a different race OR i saw some changes we could make to possibly benefit everyone. I believe in success and results and this is why i create the plans i create. I’ve used the “popular” plans in the past for myself- you know, the ones that are run 3, run 4, run 5; run 3, run 4, run 6. Not only did i find these to be extremely boring, i never felt ready come race day. This is why i create my own.

I don’t have many people question me personally but I know that many of my runners do. That’s ok. My plans are not like many other plans which cause some raised eyebrows and plenty of “Why do y’all do that? I wouldn’t do that. You don’t have to do that.” Don’t let others make you doubt your training. If there’s ever a question about why you’re doing something, i can promise you there is an answer.

I’ve decided that a skeptic is really doing nothing more than doubting his or her self. Don’t be a skeptic. Trust yourself and trust your training. Your body will tell you if it doesn’t like something and your coach will push your body to those limits 🙂

Happy running 🙂

3 thoughts on “Trust

  1. yes, i taught an 80’s abs class- we all dressed up and had all 80’s music.  gotta make working out fun somehow :)KR, you’ve got this.  xoxo

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