Fallen Promise

So, I’ve realized I’ve been horrible about keeping up with my promise to write a blog a week. I think that was it?! Uh oh! It may have even been a couple of blogs a week. Well, I’ve done good to do a blog a month lately.

Not that this is an excuse but the above picture is a picture of my nightstand. I spend tons (or pretty much ALL) of my time reading books about running, triathlons, food, and fitness. Now if i can only relay some of that info to you guys like i promised!

So, i’m going out on a limb and making another vow to blog at least once a week. If there’s anything specific you want some info on, let me know and maybe i’ll even blog about it 😉

2 thoughts on “Fallen Promise

  1. Did you know books are written about subjects other than running? It’s true. There are literally millions of books on thousands of topics: organic herb farming, pirates, WWII, love, making money, monkeys (and how to prepare them). Then there are “story” books about wizards, Bridget Jones, Holy Grail quests…I mean, I could go on and on!Ansley and I have lots of books like these. We could loan you some of these books if you’d like. They’re quite fun to read. Though, I did find “Ellie Herman’s Plates Props Workbook” to be a fun, little beach read.Oh, I’m being silly. So glad the coach is reading these books. But maybe you could just give me the highlights, Star!

  2. i know, i know!  one of my new year goals was to read one book a month that is NOT fitness related and i have failed horribly at this.  i guess it’s a good thing i find all this other stuff interesting!

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