It takes a village

It take a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a village to keep this runner healthy too!

I was thinking today, after i had spoken to my acupuncturist, massage therapist, and chiropractor, all in the same day that Wow, it really takes a village for me. Of course, i didn’t see all of those today but i was in contact with all of them for one reason or another- Jessica from Midtown Acupuncture because we’re meeting there before some runs, Ed my massage therapist because I wanted his opinion on a client with achilles tightness, and Dr. Brad from Cole Pain Therapy because i went to get an adjustment. If only i could have worked in time to talk to Joel, my Physical Therapist, i would have had my entire wellness network covered in one day.

No, i am not a celebrity nor am i a professional runner. I am, however, a person who has to use her body every day for work AND for fitness so i tend to struggle with more issues than the average person. I don’t get to see any of them as often as i would like but i’m trying to stay healthy and nip things in the bud before they get too bad.

It’s funny how I’ve really fallen into place with this entire network of professionals and it’s so interesting to me how well they are all intertwined. I am assuming none of them know one another. I would love to change that. I would really love to have them all move into my extra bedrooms!! Wouldn’t that be super cool to have all of these disciplines at your beck and call?

Why do i go to all of them and not just pick one? They compliment each other so perfectly. I started with Jessica for acupuncture. I went my first time as a skeptic and left a believer. She worked on some muscular issues and also some digestive issues. Amazing the difference immediately as well as the lasting effects. I believe the chiropractor came next. I think this was what freaked everyone out. I was that person who really thought i would never go somewhere to have someone “pop my neck.” I had a severe and debilitating pain on a run, couldn’t get in to see my internist, Jessica was out of town, and Keith convinced me to give the chiropractor a try. I guess i was stupid enough to think that really all they wanted to do was crack my neck. I was happily surprised. I spent the next few weeks alternating treatments with Jessica and Dr. Brad for my hip bursitis and within a few weeks, was running pain free. Why did i see both? They’re so totally different- one is focusing on blood flow and healing with needles and the other is focusing on alignment and biomechanics of my form. It seemed to me that they worked really well together.

This has kind of been the same with my Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist. When i was going to physical therapy, Joel was doing some massage but his focus is on exercises to rehabilitate the area of problem. Once Joel and i were able to get to a point that i could really increase my rehab and up my running, i knew that i was soon to have tightness. After taking almost 6 months off from running, I am determined to stay healthy so somewhat regular trips to Ed have really helped to combat tightness caused by all the other stuff.

Sounds crazy, i know! I wouldn’t go to any of these people if i thought it didn’t work. Could i just stick with one of them and be done with it? Sure, i could but i really don’t think i would have the same success. I think my body lets me know who i need to see and when. I woke up last week with a horrible catch in my back and neck so off to see Dr. Brad. my calves are super tight from increased mileage in the past 2 months so off to Ed i’ll go. when i feel like i need to be reevaluated in my rehabbing, back to Joel. Jessica really compliments all of the above.

I don’t see any of these all that often and certainly not often enough but i sure wish i could. I feel fortunate to have found a network of professionals who have the same interests and beliefs that i have in running. Now if i can just get them all to move in with me, I’ll be set.

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