I had one of those runs today that was just perfect. I was totally dreading going for a run; tried to talk myself into skipping it this morning and just going later today (‘cause you know i would never just skip it completely- not me, ms rule follower!) but i told myself to suck it up and get it over with. I felt heavy the first few minutes and spent every second analyzing my steps and my breath. Then the perfection came….i forgot i was even running and spent the next hour completely in my head and out of my feet. Watch out world, i come up with some of my best and craziest ideas on runs like this one.

I have been so busy lately, i haven’t really had time to sit back and notice all that is going on with me and around me. This run turned in to a run of reflections and realizations. Before i knew it, i was done with 6 miles and felt like my head was clear, my heart was full, and all the worlds problems had been solved. Isn’t it amazing what you can get accomplished in an hour! 😉

The 2 things that really hit me today, kind of like little epiphanies (although really not all that newsworthy) were 1) only 3 months ago, i was technically a beginner runner again and 2) friends you make through running are a really different type of friendship than most others.

Most of you know, i had to take a hiatus from running for about 5 months this spring and just over 2 months ago, i was allowed to start running again. I was only allowed to do intervals of 20 seconds of running. I was thinking today how shocking it is that this didn’t frustrate me and why did it not. So not like me to NOT get frustrated by such strict orders 😉 I guess i was just happy to be running so i didn’t really care how much. However, as i started increasing my miles, i had some terribly frustrating runs. I remember a couple of cries after some runs that i felt like should have been easier. I never thought i wouldn’t get it back though. I knew i wasn’t in unchartered territory and i just had to remind my body and my mind that they should just try to remember what it felt like to be a runner and jump on board.

It hit me that this is really the only difference in me and a beginner runner. I can remind my body that it just needs to suck it up and remember what to do whereas a beginner runner has to teach his body to suck it up and learn! I think that’s where the group really comes into play. You can commiserate together, push one another along, and, most important of all, distract the other from just thinking about the running!

I have made some great friends over the past few years while running. It’s funny how you can have friends that you’ve had forever who are your best friends but maybe you don’t talk that often but then you can also have new friends who technically are “just my running buddies” but they’re who you confide in, laugh with, vent to…..and you really don’t care how bad each other looks! There’s just something to be said for those friendships you make while running together. You’re vulnerable and open when out on the roads. This may really be what i love the most about running. I wouldn’t trade my running buddies for anything. They’re like family.

I’m just glad i made myself run today. It was one of those runs that made me so thankful that i’m a runner.

Happy running 🙂

1 thought on “Reflections

  1. Awww. I love my running buddies, too. And, this picture brought back great memories. What a wonderful race that was and what a fun weekend!!

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