Food Loggin’

Do you keep a food journal? I go through phases with my food journal. I have been “off” from journaling for several months but 2 nights ago i made a pact with myself to get started with it again. It can be such a pain to do but, wow, is it worth the time it takes!

I tried to go to an online food journal and the one i really like is (daily plate) but i’m still a creature of habit and i really like to write things down. I don’t want to go all techy. I like to write out my to-do list every day so i can have the physical satisfaction of scratching things off. Anyway, writing in a food journal can be time consuming but it not only gives you insight into what you’re taking in but it’s the accountability we all need.

I’m only on day 2 since i’ve started logging again and have already noticed 2 big issues: 1) i am not getting enough protein. I know this but when i actually write it out….and it was on a day i ate meat!..i am quickly reminded of a big gap i have in my nutrition. 2) i won’t apologize for eating some of the things i eat but i will certainly eat less of them if i have to write them down. Oreos, i’m talking about you! I don’t have a problem writing down 3 Oreos (this is a serving, by the way) but if i have to write down 10 Oreos, i’m sure gonna feel bad about it 🙂

I often tell my clients to keep food journals and bring them to me to see but 90% of the accountability is just having to write it down. I don’t worry so much about what i’m eating but i worry a lot about what i’m not eating. As a runner, it is so important to eat enough carbs, proteins, and fats. If i’m living on Oreos, i’m surely not getting all of these!

I’m making a commitment to myself to write in my food journal for the next 4 months- during Marathon training. I’m really going to use it as a tool to make sure i’m fueling like i should but also as that watchful eye that i sometimes need. No apologies here for my love of food but i owe it to my body to at least give it the stuff it needs if i’m also giving it stuff it doesn’t.

What about you? Do you do any food loggin’?

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