Belly Breathing

Y’all have heard me talk about “belly breathing” during the various training seasons. Well, this morning i had an email from Runners World and in there was an article on belly breathing- the benefits as well as how to get better at doing it.

You can check out the full article here:,7120,s6-238-267–12989-0,00.html?cm_mmc=beginner-_-629188-_-06292011-_-Breathe%20Easy

It’s definitely worth reading. Some people have a harder time controlling their breathing when it’s hot outside and also when increasing distance so this is a perfect time to check out the article.

2 thoughts on “Belly Breathing

  1. Well, I tried this today on our morning run.  I cannot say I was entirely successful.  It’s going to take some serious practice to remember to do it.  It did seem to help some when I did belly breathe.  However, never having done it before and trying something new, while carrying on conversation, seems difficult to me.  I cannot walk and chew gum, so there’s that…I’ve been trying to to it at my desk at work as well, so that it maybe could become more instinctual.  We shall see.  Honestly, though, as humid as it was today, it’s hard to imagine that ANYTHING could have helped my breathing.  3

  2. Star, Interesting post.  Thanks for pointing me to it.  Like we discussed, it is very hard to belly breath while running, if the “belly” isn’t used to breathing while at rest.  Everyone should be working on belly breathing. The importance of breathing for power output is obvious when you look at power lifting or martial arts. It’s also important for spinal stability and energy efficiency during endurance events. Great blog.

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