In blog land, it’s current protocol to share 25 random things about you that many people might not know. Seeing as how i’m using today to be completely worthless and lazy, i’ve decided to join in.

You’re welcome to close this post and go back to one that is of some worth 🙂 or you can find out 25 random things about me.

1. i have always wanted to go skydiving

2. i love the smell of vanilla

3. my granddad was 100% Choctaw Indian and his mother walked the Trail of Tears

4. i sometimes forget that Georgia is not a dog

5. i love to bake…i love my kitchenaid mixer

6. i am deathly afraid of vampires…and refuse to watch any of the vampire crap that is now on tv.

1. i love my freckles but wish i had control over how many new ones i get every summer

8. i lived in bermuda for a while as a child. i even said “mum”- what happened to the accent?!?

9. i wish i could be healthier but i love food too much

10. i’m really sensitive and will cry at just about anything that i find touching, sweet or sad. i even cried when 2 little rednecks on Teen Mom got married.

11. i am a sucker for the ASPCA commercials and donate yearly

12. i truly think i have the best marriage anyone could hope for

13. i’m not sure having kids is in the cards for me…according to the tarot card reader i had back in the 90’s!

14. i would give anything to move to austin

15. i miss my granddad, who passed away in 1998, all of the time!

16. i love my name! hated it as a kid but have embraced it as an adult.

17. i love that i am still friends with my high school girls- there are some bonds that can just never be broken

18. i am actually pretty shy- even though most people don’t think so

19. i will always be a social worker at heart but am thrilled to no longer be in this profession

20. i am a total planner and rule follower

21. i still struggle with the “runner” title

22. i am really silly at home but really guarded elsewhere

23. i love to dance

24. i think it would be awesome to move to mexico, work in a beach bar, wear a bathing suit all day, and not even own a phone.

1. i am perfectly aware everyone thinks i am nuts when it comes to georgia…and i don’t care!!

that’s about it for me…

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