Don’t mind me

I’m am bubbling over with excitement. As the CMM approaches, i get more and more excited. It’s always kind of nuts when the race you’ve been working so hard for is finally here. You spend so many months planning and working and then, boom, it’s here. I love the St. Jude race, being that it’s in our hometown and it’s just all really familiar but there is just something electric about the CMM.

I just can’t wait to get there and get everyone to the start…and then get everyone to mile 1….and then to the finish!! I’m so worked up, you would think i was running it or maybe even in charge of the whole damn thing. So, if you see tears welling up in my eyes, don’t mind me. They’re tears of joy. Tears of pride.

I wanted to post one last video. It’s pretty wild. Paula Newby Frazier was the reigning Ironman champion and you watch her completely hit the wall. When they felt certain she was done, and she felt certain she was dying!, she surprised everyone by finishing. It’s pretty amazing to see the determination.

Now, get out there and show me what you’ve got 😉

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