Many of you may remember me posting this video before St. Jude. Whether or not you’ve watched it, watch it again!

You owe it to yourself to take the 6 minutes it takes to watch this video. There is rarely a race in which one of us starts to have some negative thoughts or gets a little down on ourselves. Well, when you start to doubt yourself, just remember “Yes you can!”

I distinctly remember climbing a hill at mile 18 in San Antonio and i was really doubting myself and my ability. I tried hard ALL day not to have negative thoughts but it gets tough sometimes. I remembered this video and the autographed picture Keith gave me for my birthday. I thought, if the Hoyts can do this and so much more, surely i can give it a little more. Yes i can!

Can you do this? Can you handle the heat in Nashville? Can you conquer the hills? Can you complete the 13.1 miles feeling proud and strong? YES YOU CAN!

3 thoughts on “YES YOU CAN!

  1. This is the best story ever.  make sure to click through youtube to watch the video that show them competing in the ironman hawaii.  Amazing to think of the effort and determination.

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