5 days….

Since most of you haven’t done, or even seen, the race, here’s a fun video of the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon last year.

As you can see, there are lots of spectators, lots of high 5’s to give, and tons of stuff to look at!

3 thoughts on “5 days….

  1. OK, so I’m getting really excited about Nashville. Maybe it’s because I used to live there and when I did I was a slothful barfly. I’m returning a somewhat active…uh…guy who still goes to bars sometimes. Anyway.The Tennessean has great stuff about the race: maps, stories, tips, videos and other stuff. Check it out: http://www.tennessean.com/section/projects13

  2. YOU?!?!  No way.  You have definitely changed since I first met you.  Still Rockin the Headband…nothing wrong with that.Since you lived in Nashville, you will love the atmosphere.  The city completely embraces the event and the runners.  You will have more people pulling for you than you could imagine.Enjoy

  3. As much as Nashville was not my fave race; the Rock-N-Roll races are incredible!  You will be distracted by all the music and well wishers along the way.  Have a great time out there!

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