Thanks to you…

Guest blog by Keith

Some people don’t require external motivation. Do you know these people? Eternal overachievers that are blissfully unaware of their gift. Well, needless to say, I am not one of those people. I look for it constantly and magically, I find it everywhere…
– I find it from the guy that hurt himself doing 2 minute intervals but continued to walk his ass off until he was cleared to run. (now doing his 2nd half marathon)
– I find it from the lady who unexpectedly lost her husband but has the biggest smile on her face every time she runs with the group.
– I find it from the newlyweds that have run every step together since they began.
– I find it from the female who seems to runs quicker than me with less effort
– I find it from the people 50, 60, 70 years old that keep grinding it out.
– I find it in the fear of not knowing how it will end but getting to the start anyway.
– I find it from people that say “I could do that” but never try.
– I find it from those that say “I could never do that” and continue to “do that”.
– I find it from the guy that runs 16 miles instead of 13 and apologizes when he is done.
– I find it from a group of 20+ people that struggled to run 60 seconds 9 months ago but now run hours at a time.
– I find it from the mother of 3 that always finds time for herself.
– I find it from the Coach that sacrifices so much for her passion and pure joy. She never missed a day even though she never got to run. She dreams bigger for you than you dream for yourself.

I hope you continue to find motivation for whatever your heart desires. It is all around you.
Thanks to you, I have mine.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to you…

  1. this is great!i’ve just been transformed from being worried about saturday to being motivated by it.  honestly my body has been grumbling at me since the warmer weather began.  but now I feel like, with this perspective, it will be a great experience.  no need to worry.  gonna get out there and do my thang and finish strong.  I’m tougher than I think I am.  lets do this….now if I can just keep from barfing…

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