Nashville preview

In only 1 short week, we’ll be headed to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon!!! This is a great race…tons of spectator support, a great scenic route, and nice rolling hills. Last year i argued constantly with certain people about whether or not nashville is hard and hilly. I had run Nashville before and just really didn’t remember it being that much harder than St. Jude. There are hills, yes, but i think what really makes you feel like it’s harder is that it’s never going to be 28 degrees like it usually is at St. Jude.

Well anyway, i had to laugh when i read the new course preview by Kevin Leathers. He also says he got reprimanded last year for saying that it’s not all that hard of a course. Either way, it’s a fun race and i think everyone should do it at least once.

Speaking of Kevin, he’s a local guy who is a national running coach for Team McGraw. He’s a great guy and i have a ton of respect for him in the coaching world…and the racing world too! Lucky for us, he goes around to different races and previews the course and then writes an awesome blog about it. There are some changes that have been made this year- if you’ve ever run this race before and remember the super congested out and back, this is no longer. Yay! You no longer have to run down that long stretch at mile 4 only to bump elbows with the guys coming towards you on mile 8. Instead they’ve looped you around and you get the road to yourself. This is great news.

Check out his blog here for the course preview – – it’s well worth the few minutes it will take you to read. I think it will ease your mind and get you excited! Thanks Kevin!!

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