Slowly but surely

I never, in a million years, thought i would have to miss so many months of running. In January, i thought, i’ll take a few weeks off and join up with the Nashville group for the last 2 months. Little did i know, i would not be able to run one single run with the group.

Thank goodness, i’m slowly but surely headed back to the land of running. This is the first time i have ever had to sit out an entire race season…and certainly the first time i’ve never been able to step foot on a run with my group. This has proved to be harder emotionally than it has been physically. There is a small part of me that still cannot believe that i am not running Nashville. I can’t seem to wrap my head around that fact. I have such mixed emotions- i’m devastated that i can’t run the race but i’m truly thrilled for everyone else. Keith and i have talked about this umpteen times- it’s going to be emotional for me BUT i’m also so excited for each and every person. I love this race and i love seeing people accomplish such a great feat. I’m so grateful for my entire group and so proud of everyone running.

As crazy as it sounds, i’m jealous of the rainy runs, envious of the bridge runs, interested in the shelby forest runs, and craving the long runs. Although it can be emotional for me watching my group head out, my group is also what has kept me going. My passion is not only for my runs but also for my group. I’m impressed by all that each and every runner has accomplished.

It’s shocking to me when i hear someone in the group say something about not feeling strong or not feeling like a good runner. As i’ve sat back on the sidelines and watched, i’ve been so impressed. I feel certain that 6 months ago, a run at Shelby Forest would have been nearly impossible for many people in the group and now everyone in the group is tackling these types of runs with a new found strength and skill. I think when you’re in it, it’s hard to make yourself take a step back and see where you are and how far you’ve come.

An injury will certainly force you to self reflect and will remind you to appreciate your runs and your ability. I always say, it takes bad runs to appreciate the good ones. Well, it also takes not being able to run to truly appreciate running in general. I think this is why i’m even tougher on the group. Sometimes i just want to shake people and say, “what do you mean you don’t feel like running?! think about all those people that can’t run.” I know though that even i am going to have some days that i don’t want to run. I know it’s not realistic to always look forward to and enjoy every single run. I’m going to try super hard though.

My PT visits are lessening and he is giving me a little more rope with my runs. I am going to try 25 minutes straight sometime in the next couple of days. Woohoo! Fingers crossed that my leg and foot feel ok after that run. I’ll be out there with my group sometime soon. Slowly but surely.

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