Don’t mind me

I’m am bubbling over with excitement. As the CMM approaches, i get more and more excited. It’s always kind of nuts when the race you’ve been working so hard for is finally here. You spend so many months planning and working and then, boom, it’s here. I love the St. Jude race, being that it’s in our hometown and it’s just all really familiar but there is just something electric about the CMM.

I just can’t wait to get there and get everyone to the start…and then get everyone to mile 1….and then to the finish!! I’m so worked up, you would think i was running it or maybe even in charge of the whole damn thing. So, if you see tears welling up in my eyes, don’t mind me. They’re tears of joy. Tears of pride.

I wanted to post one last video. It’s pretty wild. Paula Newby Frazier was the reigning Ironman champion and you watch her completely hit the wall. When they felt certain she was done, and she felt certain she was dying!, she surprised everyone by finishing. It’s pretty amazing to see the determination.

Now, get out there and show me what you’ve got 😉


Many of you may remember me posting this video before St. Jude. Whether or not you’ve watched it, watch it again!

You owe it to yourself to take the 6 minutes it takes to watch this video. There is rarely a race in which one of us starts to have some negative thoughts or gets a little down on ourselves. Well, when you start to doubt yourself, just remember “Yes you can!”

I distinctly remember climbing a hill at mile 18 in San Antonio and i was really doubting myself and my ability. I tried hard ALL day not to have negative thoughts but it gets tough sometimes. I remembered this video and the autographed picture Keith gave me for my birthday. I thought, if the Hoyts can do this and so much more, surely i can give it a little more. Yes i can!

Can you do this? Can you handle the heat in Nashville? Can you conquer the hills? Can you complete the 13.1 miles feeling proud and strong? YES YOU CAN!

Thanks to you…

Guest blog by Keith

Some people don’t require external motivation. Do you know these people? Eternal overachievers that are blissfully unaware of their gift. Well, needless to say, I am not one of those people. I look for it constantly and magically, I find it everywhere…
– I find it from the guy that hurt himself doing 2 minute intervals but continued to walk his ass off until he was cleared to run. (now doing his 2nd half marathon)
– I find it from the lady who unexpectedly lost her husband but has the biggest smile on her face every time she runs with the group.
– I find it from the newlyweds that have run every step together since they began.
– I find it from the female who seems to runs quicker than me with less effort
– I find it from the people 50, 60, 70 years old that keep grinding it out.
– I find it in the fear of not knowing how it will end but getting to the start anyway.
– I find it from people that say “I could do that” but never try.
– I find it from those that say “I could never do that” and continue to “do that”.
– I find it from the guy that runs 16 miles instead of 13 and apologizes when he is done.
– I find it from a group of 20+ people that struggled to run 60 seconds 9 months ago but now run hours at a time.
– I find it from the mother of 3 that always finds time for herself.
– I find it from the Coach that sacrifices so much for her passion and pure joy. She never missed a day even though she never got to run. She dreams bigger for you than you dream for yourself.

I hope you continue to find motivation for whatever your heart desires. It is all around you.
Thanks to you, I have mine.

Nashville preview

In only 1 short week, we’ll be headed to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon!!! This is a great race…tons of spectator support, a great scenic route, and nice rolling hills. Last year i argued constantly with certain people about whether or not nashville is hard and hilly. I had run Nashville before and just really didn’t remember it being that much harder than St. Jude. There are hills, yes, but i think what really makes you feel like it’s harder is that it’s never going to be 28 degrees like it usually is at St. Jude.

Well anyway, i had to laugh when i read the new course preview by Kevin Leathers. He also says he got reprimanded last year for saying that it’s not all that hard of a course. Either way, it’s a fun race and i think everyone should do it at least once.

Speaking of Kevin, he’s a local guy who is a national running coach for Team McGraw. He’s a great guy and i have a ton of respect for him in the coaching world…and the racing world too! Lucky for us, he goes around to different races and previews the course and then writes an awesome blog about it. There are some changes that have been made this year- if you’ve ever run this race before and remember the super congested out and back, this is no longer. Yay! You no longer have to run down that long stretch at mile 4 only to bump elbows with the guys coming towards you on mile 8. Instead they’ve looped you around and you get the road to yourself. This is great news.

Check out his blog here for the course preview – – it’s well worth the few minutes it will take you to read. I think it will ease your mind and get you excited! Thanks Kevin!!