A day worth smiling about

Today has been a good day! Georgia had her last visit with her surgeon and was told she is allowed to “be a dog.” Yay!! Of course, “being a dog” for bulldogs is quite different from being a dog for other breeds – she still can’t run in the park or go up and down the stairs or play hard for more than about 5 minutes at a time but, for her, she gets to be a dog.

Now i’m not sure why she would want to since being my baby has been pretty darn good over the last few months but maybe, just maybe, she will like for me not to hover quite so much. We’ll continue to carry her up and down the stairs but i believe we’ll be saying “bye” to the mattress that has been a permanent fixture in our den for the past 6 months.

She will actually go back to her surgeon one more time- in about 6 months- just so he can “lay his hands on her.” I’m fine with that though.

I’m so happy for baby G. She’s been through a lot over the past 6 months and she’s worked hard to rehabilitate her little atrophied muscles. She never once whined or whimpered, even when we knew she was feeling her worse.

Today was a good day! We’re all smiling from ear to ear 🙂

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