I believe i can fly

Today i was allowed to let my feet touch the ground again. For the first time in months, i went on a walk and….drum roll….was even allowed a little bit of running.

I went to physical therapy today and my PT said the glorious words, “i want you to try a walk / run today or tomorrow and see how you feel.” I couldn’t quit smiling. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, the sun is shining and i’m about to go for a quick run. Woohoo! Not so fast. By “walk / run” he meant that i could go on a 30 minute walk and throw in ten 20 second striders. Ok, bubble was a little deflated when he said ten 20 second striders- that’s only 3 minutes and 20 seconds of running out of 30 whole minutes. Ok, at least he said “striders.” I perked back up and he quickly backtracked and said, “by striders i don’t really mean striders. i just mean 20 second slow jogs.” Ugh! Ok, ok, i’m still excited that i get to feel the earth under my feet.

So home i went and threw on running shoes the second i walked in the door. Keith happened to be home so i talked him into accompanying me on my exciting adventure. Off we went. After about 10 minutes of walking we jogged for a whopping 20 seconds. I know that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but i was like a kid in a candy store. It was a really great 20 seconds and i had 9 more of them coming! We walked, chatted and occasionally threw in a 20 second jog.

As we started our last 20 second interval, Keith (in his funny keith way) sang the words “i believe i can fly” as i pretended to be crossing a finish line, hands in the air and a smile on my face. That was a great 3 minute and 20 second run today. I sure hope to be having a lot more of those soon 🙂

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