Until we meet again…

Thank you to my sweet husband for bringing Muddy’s cupcakes home last night to kick off my 6 weeks of sugar free living. He knows me too well- i had every intention of eating every chocolate chip cookie in the house, thinking maybe i would sugar-out (doesn’t happen with me, by the way), so, instead i just indulged on cupcakes. Muddy’s, i will miss you.

It’s only day 1 of Lent, only 12 hours in and i’m annoyed!! Don’t get me wrong, i’m not giving up but i must say, i’m simply irritated. Thank goodness i believe in sugar and i believe that your body needs sugar, but i do know that my body doesn’t need as much unnatural sugar as i give it. As a quick recap- i’m giving up added sugars. So, if a label says sucrose, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, i’m avoiding it. I’m going to try to stick with natural sugars- stevia (a herbal extract that is naturally sweet with no calories), barley malt, evaporated cane juice before it is refined (refined sugar is derived from cane juice, but is extremely processed with many of the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber removed), fruit juice (fructose), rice syrup, honey,sugar alcohols, agave syrup, all-natural maple syrup, and Sucanat® that contains sugar cane molasses.

Sounds simple enough. So, my day started at 5 am and i had a banana as i was headed to my first client of the day- yes, high in sugar content but it’s not an added sugar so i’m eating it. About 7:30, i was ready for breakfast so i made myself my regular english muffin with peanut butter. However, my whole grain english muffin that i love so much is now an Ezekial sprouted english muffin that is sugar free and my Jif peanut butter that has been my favorite forever is now an all natural peanut butter. Yuck! Not at all happy with my breakfast.

Fast forward to noon, i’ve seen another client and gone to my physical therapy session so i’m pretty hungry now but the problem now is that i’m so tired from 3 consecutive days of getting up at 5 and working until 8 pm (and probably the fact that i haven’t had enough calories today), that i don’t have the energy to make myself anything decent to eat. I’ve now eaten a bowl of corn and a bag of pop corn. Random and not good!!

I refuse to feel like i am starving myself so i will make an effort tonight to sit down and plan out my meals for the next few days- this should help me get used to the transition and still have balanced meals and snacks. I already eat pretty darn healthy so i’m not loving the changes i’m having to make but i’m going to give it my all! I think a nap is in order, then some food that actually has some substance and hopefully i won’t feel quite so annoyed!

So, here’s to the next 6 weeks 🙂 Looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. Oh, and if anyone knows of any natural peanut butter that is not runny and gross, help a girl out!

2 thoughts on “Until we meet again…

  1. The key to the natural peanut butter is to stir in the oil really well and then refrigerate it so it doesn’t separate.

  2. It’s only been two days and I can already tell Lent is gonna be tough for me. I mean, who can honestly be expected to give up polo AND hang-gliding for 40 days?! Poppycock! Lent has never been my thing but a guy I work with is going to fast one day of every week of Lent. I asked him why and he said it’ll help him reflect on the less fortunate who go hungry more than one day per week. Not bad.I certainly admire anyone’s efforts in will power.But, hey, I’ve switched to agave sweetner in my morning coffee. Does that count?

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