i am a runner…

For various reasons i used to have a hard time calling myself a runner. I was always afraid that if i called myself a runner, someone would question it. How fast can you go? How far can you go. Well, after years of that ridiculous insecurity, i am finally comfortable calling myself a runner. How do you stay in shape? I run. What do you do in your spare time? I run. What’s your favorite “hobby”? Running. I am a runner.

So, why, if i am a runner, am i not allowed to run? Unfortunately, i did not give my stress fracture enough time to heal so even though i moved 10 steps forward since August, i’ve now moved 5 steps backwards since December. I met with my Ortho this morning to discuss why i’m not healing and if there are possibly other mechanical issues causing my left side problems (tibial stress fracture and hip bursitis). It seems that i haven’t completely healed because when i came back from my time off in the Fall, i just did too much. He says it was probably mostly healed which is why i didn’t have any pain and had i eased into running over a few months, i might be ok but that’s just not how it went. I came back, had a few weeks to get ready for a marathon and off i went. Oh well.

There is obviously nothing you can do to speed up the healing of a stress fracture- it’s a fractured bone so the bone just has to heal. That mean mean Ortho told me this morning that i need to take 12 weeks off from running. What?!? That’s more than i’ve ever been told before! He also sent me to physical therapy to see if possibly my pelvis is out of alignment and maybe that’s what has caused my problems. I’m tired of having issues and just resting them or taking meds. I want to know WHY i’m having these issues in the first place.

So not only did i drive to Collierville this morning to see my Ortho (long way for this midtown girl), i also drove to Germantown this afternoon to visit with a new Physical Therapist. The good news is that PT thinks i’ll be running again sooner than 12 weeks. He also said he doesn’t think i have a pelvic alignment issue- or not too much of one. I do, however, have weak hips, glutes, and ankles- news that isn’t really new to me but i was happy with the diagnosis so i know exactly what to work on. The bad news is that he told me i have to be patient over the next few weeks. Ugh!! I hate being patient. Patience is a virtue- just not mine!

Bottom line is that i can’t use the elliptical for the next week and then i can ease back into it, i am allowed to bike if not using any (or much) resistance, i’m not allowed to walk on the treadmill for several weeks, i do NOT have to wear the boot unless walking long distances, and i have daily homework- stretches and exercises. I’m cool with all of this for right now. I plan to be diligent with my exercises and will try hard to either bike or do yoga every day. I’m trying hard to come to grips with the fact that i’m not going to be able to run Nashville- that’s ok though; that just means i’ll get to cheer everyone on instead!

Most importantly, i am still a runner!

Off i go to do all my little exercises. Maybe when i go back to PT in 2 days he’ll graduate me to the next level 😉

7 thoughts on “i am a runner…

  1. So glad you can finally call yourself a runner! I mean you are a certified running coach, right? And you even got your name on technical running tees, right? Ha!I hear ya, though. Some folks ask me why I ain’t got one of them “13.1” stickers on my car. I did it once. I worry someone will ask me to do it again on command when they see my car in the Schnuck’s parking lot. Also, though I’ve had many great times on our runs and look forward to every race day, running can still be a chore for me. I doubt hitting practice balls is considered a chore for many golfers.

  2. toby, i bet you’re wrong- i bet there are plenty of golfers that just want to get to the game and get annoyed at the “practice” stuff just like we do!  i think that’s just part of it.  it’s hard to always look forward to every workout but knowing how much better off i’ll be when i’m done, certainly helps!

  3. I still don’t refer to myself as a, “runner.”I think I’m kinda self-conscious about it.  This one time, about ten years ago, I did the Cooper Young 4 Miler for the first time ever.  Some volunteers saw me stretching before the race (on cold legs—i know better now!) and one asked if I was running and then went on to tell me that I didn’t, “look like a runner.”  I guess it kinda hurt my feelings because I still won’t say I am THE “R” WORD to people outside the running group.  I think I’m scared they’ll look me up and down and chuckle to themselves about it.  Where’s Dr Phil when I need him???

  4. I’m not sure if I can be called a runner but I know one thing for certain….I am not scared.  That is the one and only hurdle as I see it.  Runner or not a runner but I am unafraid to give it a shot, whatever “it” is.  I may get nervous or have jitters but not scared.

  5. I feel the same way and even get self-conscious when I run b/c I imagine people thinking, “that girl doesn’t look like a runner.”  Then I remember that I am outside running and already finished x miles and they are in their car and with the AC/heat on and are whimpier than me!!!!

  6. so true, katie!  keith always says that every race he enters he at least knows he’ll beat all the people that were too chicken to even sign up!  i think people do look at us like we’re crazy and i’m sure people are critical but i think they’re also jealous that they can’t do what we’re doing.

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