Oh, how i have NOT missed you!

dear walking boot,

while i appreciate the pressure you take off of my poor little tibia, there’s nothing else about you that makes me happy. you make my hip hurt. you make my leg sweat. you’re certainly no fashion statement. you draw undue attention to me. you’re a constant reminder that i’m broken and unable to run. please, please enjoy your hibernation in my closet and don’t come out for a very long time.

your most loyal wearer

ok, so i’m trying everything in the hopes that something works. i knew a year ago that i had the beginnings of a stress fracture but i chose to ignore it. not just because i’m stubborn but also because the throbbing only came occasionally. i just assumed i had a weakness but that i could work through it. unfortunately that wasn’t the case. when the occasional throbbing turned into a constant pain and the pain was so severe after a short speed run that i couldn’t get up my stairs to take a shower, i knew i had let it go too long.

so, yes, i went to my ortho and became, what i consider, a pretty good patient. i took 7 weeks off, in the middle of marathon training and during 2 of my running groups. 8 weeks was what my ortho wanted but i really felt good after 7. i wore the stupid boot anytime i could (obviously couldn’t wear it while on my bike) and not only does it just suck, it really sucks when it’s 110 degrees outside!

so, fast forward to the marathon- completed and actually felt ok. my tibial stress fracture became the least of my worries. i know i should have taken some time off after the marathon but i felt pretty good so i ran the st. jude half 20 days later. really, no worries from my tibia. yay!

well, about 2 weeks after st. jude, after a run, i felt like a little person with a hammer had somehow gotten into my leg and was just banging (lightly but still a banging) on the exact same spot of my stress fracture. damnit!! i’ve walked, increased my time on the spin bike, decreased my time running…for 4 weeks. so, saturday i ran and now what. the little person burrowed in my leg has now decided to take the light hammering to a constant beating that is keeping me up at night.

it is soooo hard to take off, especially when i have a group. i want to run. i want to run with my group. i want to struggle with my group. i absolutely hate having to take time off. i’m not worried about my fitness level- i’ll stay active- but there’s nothing you can do but run that makes you feel the same as running. my body is officially warning me to give my legs a rest and allow for my stress fracture to truly heal.

so, i think i’ve made a decision. i’m going to take the next 2 weeks off from running and just go from there. if i’m able to run after 2 weeks, great! if not, i’ll add a week at a time of rest. my plan is to make sure i can walk about 10 miles a week without any pain (during and after) and once i can, i will start running again. i will implement a run / walk plan for myself that is structured. i’m going to really “coach” myself for the first time. this is a super tough decision for me, especially since we’re running trails and hills- my favorite types of running!! i finally had to ask myself, “do you want to run saturday or do you want to run all year?” of course, i want to run all year so i know i need to be a good patient now.

if you have any aches and pains that are concerning you, let’s take care of them now! don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re sitting on the sidelines like me.

4 thoughts on “Oh, how i have NOT missed you!

  1. this is very sad but a most responsible decision.  we all want you out there each and every run but your comment about wanting to run all year vs. Sat is very enlightening.  we will all send positive thoughts straight to your LEG.before every run, we will all say with group energy “Star’s Leg”.  who else believes in the power of energy & group healing?!?!

  2. The “power of energy and group healing” eh, Keith? Hmm… Never had you pegged as a crunchy but now that I know, I heard Widespread’s playin’ Bonnaroo again this year. Me and my buddy, Moonrunner, may head on out the The Farm in April to check out the rolfing and “herb gardening” seminar. You’re welcome to come. Lemme know and we’ll make room for you in the VW Microbus.But, yes, much positive energy to Star’s leg!

  3. I’m sorry that the boot came back.  At least you will have a walk/run (more like walking) partner in me :)I know it is hard; wanting to run but you can’t.  Like you said, heal up for all the other Saturday runs!

  4. Bad, bad boot.I actually really liked when you were on your bike checking on all of us and chatting.  I knew I better not walk b/c Star might be right around the corner!

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