Fess up

well, it’s the last day of January and it’s time for everyone to FESS UP!! how are those resolutions and / or goals going?

i’m excelling in some of mine and sucking in others. oh well. it is what it is. i am, however, going to work hard in February to do better. this is when a lot of people just give up. they think, “i messed up. i can’t do this. i’ll just stop trying.” this is not me though. every day is a new day and a i’ll keep trying until i get it.

some of the things i said i was going to do and how it’s going:

* read 1 book per month that is not fitness related- well, i’ve certainly picked a book that is not fitness related- Chelsea Handler’s latest book- but i’m not done with it. i have started reading it but i’m having a hard time finding the time since i’m focused on new training plans right now. excuses, excuses, excuses! i know the point of reading the book is supposed to be to tear me away from work and just veg out.

* eat 3 fruits per day. ok, i suck at this! really, this shouldn’t be so hard for me. i can easily get 2 in, usually in 1 sitting but then i rarely eat any more throughout the day. i go through phases. some days i eat 4 or 5 and some days i eat 1. i could take the easy way out and drink fruit juice but i’m really trying to focus on whole fruits. easy way, here i come!

* try a new recipe at least every other week- i have blown this one away. i’ve made a new recipe every week since new years day. they haven’t been completely new things but they have been completely new variations so this counts. for instance, i didn’t just invent pot roast last week but i tried a recipe i’ve never tried. success!

* blog at least 2 x per week- hmmm, i think i’ve done just ok with this one. i tend to either have a lot to say or nothing to say. i’m still working on this one.

* do yoga at least 1 x per week- i’m doing great with this one. i have either gone to bikram or done yoga at home once to twice per week since new years. i’m shocked at how much flexibility i’ve lost since i quit doing yoga regularly about 3 years ago. we lose a lot of flexibility as we age so it’s much harder on me now than it once was but it has also taught me not to take so much time off!

i believe my other goals had to do with a half marathon and a full marathon so i’ve still got time on those but as far as the monthly goals go, i’m not a total failure 🙂

i’m going to make a point to focus on these goals again in february and i’ll check in at the end of the month to let you know how i did.

ok, fess up!

3 thoughts on “Fess up

  1. ok coachI’ll fess up first.Allow me to preface that I’ve had a very VERY stressful January, as some of you may have heard.  Here goes:1.  Run 10 miles per week–I’ve done it every week but one.  That week fell short by 2 miles I think.2.  To log my food regularly on Livestrong.com–I’ve done this 22 out of 31 days, or, 71% of the time.  That’s a C.  ha!3.  I wanted to lose XX pounds so that I could get down to my target weight of YYY–This is a work in progress.  The last time I weighed, I was down two pounds.  I know for a fact that I’ve put that back, but this target weight has a target DATE of my birthday, May 4th, so I feel as though I have some wiggle room left.4.  I wanted to keep a cleaner house–My house has actually gotten WORSE since New Years.  I still have some xmas sh*t laying around.  FAIL.  It’ll get better though.  We’ve called a cleaning frenzy for the next few days.

  2. I have done ok as well.  I have been working out more at this time of the year than ever before.  Swimming distances that I don’t typically swim until April so I am feeling good about that.  I have not missed any workouts with the exception of pulling back due to some minor pains.  Now is the time to get everything working well.As for being present when I am talking/dealing with someone, I think I’m doing better.  I certainly have caught myself at work and brought the focus back when I catch myself drifting.  If any of you are talking to me and see me losing my focus….call me out on it.   GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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