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last night we went to the showing of Hood to Coast. awesome!! if you missed it, you missed a great, motivating little documentary.

i remember a long time ago when i never thought i would run anything more than a 5k. then i decided, “well maybe i’ll try a half marathon but i’ll certainly stop there.” insert marathon! well, since then, i’ve kind of thought, “what can i do now that will continue to make running fun and new?” insert relay!

keith and i remember talking to a friend of our years ago who was asked to be a replacement on a Ragnar Relay team. he didn’t really know much about it but is usually up for anything so off he went. he came back a changed person. tired, of course, but said it was an amazing experience. he has now done 2 more. i remember thinking, at the time, that it sounded like a ton of fun but seemed a little too intimidating for me.

well, if there’s anything i learned when doing the marathon (another thing that seemed intimidating to me), it’s truly that anyone can do it. you just have to want it. well, i’m pretty certain i want to do a relay!

so, what exactly is a running relay? well, it depends on which one you do but most of them are pretty similar- you have 12 runners (along with a couple of drivers), 2 vans, about 200 miles, and some running shoes. you literally relay the various legs of the course- tagging your next teammate as you enter the exchange zones. you run for 36 or so hours, sleep very little, eat less than perfectly, and have a ball!

remember, i said in my last blog you have to change / expand your definition of fun. this certainly sounds like fun! right?!

who’s in?

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