The Un-Amazing Race 2011

Congrats to Sam, Ansley, Stephanie, and Lauren (all pictured above) for the win at the 1st Star Runners Un-Amazing Race! 🙂

it took me a long time to learn to love running. i used to think that if i wasn’t any good, i couldn’t really love it. why in the world would i love something that was so hard or that i could never win? because! because running is fun! i think we, as runners, have to expand our definition of “fun.” i have done this and it has completely changed my perspective of running.

there was a time in my life when i thought “fun” meant staying out late, dancing all night, and drinking a lot. not that i don’t still think that can be fun but now what is really fun to me is a long run with friends, a tough hill workout, running stairs, getting up at 7 am on a saturday to meet the group for a run (whether it be a hard, easy, or long run!), speed workouts, trail runs, and the not-guilty feeling i have if i eat a doughnut after a run!!

keith and i wanted to remind everyone, with the Un-Amazing Race, that running is supposed to be fun. it doesn’t always matter your pace or if you’re running with your best friend, as long as your having fun.

we loved seeing everyone’s team work and ability to adjust to paces (slower and faster) that you may not be used to. i know how hard everyone works on each and every run but always remember that no matter what run you’re doing, have fun!

here’s to many more fun runs with y’all!

2 thoughts on “The Un-Amazing Race 2011

  1. Am I the only one that noticed the only ALL GIRLS team was the winner?  This does nothing to challenge the directional sterotypes placed on men.  Thanks guys…..

  2. I could not help but notice that this picture was taken right in front of hooters.not sure if that’s because of the all girl team, or if I can just pluck a hot wing reference out of thin air.  Either way, they only won because I wasnt there.  HA

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