How’s it going?

i’m here to check in. how’s in going? are you doing ok with your new years resolutions / goals?! (by the way, what are your resolutions / goals??)

i’m doing pretty good so far. i said i would try one new recipe every 2 weeks. i’ve already tried one this week; 2 if you count my lasagna that i decided to make meat-free. i made chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce- good but quite time consuming! i also made my lasagna that i usually make but substituted soy crumbles for my usual do-to turkey sausage. i don’t know if this really counts as a new recipe but, oh well. i’m still good for the next 9 days!

i said i would reintroduce yoga into my life and that i have done. i’ve gone to 2 bikram classes this week. i feel like those 2 classes should count for much more! i must say, bikram memphis has new owners and this isaac guy is TOUGH. i thought class was tough before but he really pushes you. he told me today that i’m too hard on myself. well, isaac, if you weren’t barking orders at me for 90 minutes and telling me to push harder and that i have more in me, maybe i wouldn’t be so hard on myself. kidding. i actually appreciate being pushed outside my comfort zone.

i think i said i would blog at least twice a week and this is number 2! woo hoo!

fruits, damn fruits. i don’t know why this is so hard for me but it is. well, i actually do know. fruits, to me, are a pain to eat. you have to peel and orange and stand over the sink to spit seeds out. a kiwi has to be tended to. strawberries have to be cut and washed. bananas are just a weird consistency. apples are good. i’m good with apples but i cannot eat 3 apples a day. i probably should but i just can’t. i’m doing ok so far but this is a much more difficult goal than it should be. most days this week i’ve had an apple, forced a banana down, and had juice of some sort (100%, no sugar added, of course!).

what else? oh yea. the book. well, i’m still only reading fitness stuff but i have 26 more days to start something else. i have read Strength Training for Triathletes and am currently reading Racing Weight. these don’t count for my non-fitness books but i am enjoying them so i, at least, have that.

i’m off to a pretty good start. i just have 360 more days to keep it up!

ok, guys. what are you resolutions / goals / challenges???? if you don’t share them, you’re less likely to do them. share them with me and i’ll try to help hold you accountable 🙂

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