Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! i hope you all had a fun and safe new years eve. did any of you ring in the New Year with jello shots? georgia did! (DON’T WORRY, i made her a non-alcoholic jello shot so she could partake in the festivities)

i woke up this morning thinking about 2010. wow, it’s over already?! it really seemed to fly by. remember when you were a kid and it seemed like it took forever for your birthday or christmas to get here? my parents always said, “when you get older, time will just fly by.” why is that? i try really hard to be present and live in the moment but even i am shocked that i woke up today and 2010 is over.

what did i do in 2010?

* i managed to succeed at LENT this year! woo hoo! i decided to add something in rather than give something up. i ate at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day. i know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is for me- i love my dairy and carbs. this was a big accomplishment for me.
* i did 2 half marathons- nashville and st. jude
* i quit my management job at the gym so i could focus on personal training and my running groups
* i completed more continuing education in cycling, running, agility, speed and reactivity
* keith and i finally mastered our homemade ravioli – dough and all 🙂
* i ran my first FULL marathon- HUGE deal for me!!
* keith and i had a great vacation in mexico (although i did fall off the massage platform and spent 2 days icing my ankle; i guess it’s better than the year before when i spent a day at the dentist in mexico!)
* keith did his second half ironman (gulf coast)!!! as well as numerous smaller triathlons
* Star Runners was “officially” born (logo and all)
* i gave Bikram yoga a shot- did i blog about this? don’t remember but it is certainly blog worthy if not
* i decided not to care what people think about how i look and wear my vibrams out in public 🙂
* i met some great new people and rekindled some old friendships
* i learned to say NO to some of my clients and friends who needed to hear me say it
* i did my first bike race (not really a race, a charity ride; but my first sanctioned ride)- 40 miles (keith did the 70 mile one!!)
* i spent over 5 months on a mattress on the floor with georgia after her 2 knee surgeries. very sad and pitiful but i have thoroughly enjoyed the quality time i’ve gotten to spend with her

2010 was a great year for me (aside from poor georgia’s little knees). i can’t imagine what 2011 has to bring.

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