2011, here we come

i’ve never been all that big on New Years resolutions. for me, a new years resolution has always felt really vague. to me it seems that a new years resolution is just something people set and end up feeling let down when they mess up. i have, however, always been big on making plans and setting goals. a goal is more specific but also a little more flexible, in my opinion. i like to set goals that are difficult and that i actually have to WORK for. if i meet all my goals, great. if i don’t, i probably benefitted in some way while trying.

there’s no better time than now to set some specific fitness goals for 2011. most of us spend the month of december talking about how we need to exercise more and eat less. well, that’s a little too predictable for me. it’s just not specific enough. what about, “i need to eat at least 3 fruits each day.” that’s better and going to be easier to follow and easier to measure your progress.

i haven’t put much thought into this yet but here’s what i’m thinking some of my “goals” (fitness and otherwise) for 2011 are:

* read 1 book per month that is NOT fitness related. (sports-related biography’s are ok but sometimes i may just need some good smut and give my brain a rest from “homework”!)
* eat at least 3 fruits per day….even on the weekends (uh oh! i’m great during the week but my weekends are usually reserved for pizza and beer)
* try a new recipe every other week (at least this often; just afraid every week is too much to ask of myself and keith)
* blog at least 2 times per week
* bring yoga back into my life- at home or in the studio; no less than 1 time per week
* run a half marathon and PR (speed work, here i come)
* run a full marathon and improve my time; maybe san antonio again?? (yes, i said it. i know i said i would never do another one but i’m too stubborn to not at least try and see if i can improve!)

ok, that’s all i have thought of so far. what about you? new years resolutions? goals for 2011? i would love to know what the rest of you are thinking! (oh, and i think georgia’s goal for 2011 is for me to stop dressing her up. sorry baby g, i think you’re the perfect little model 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “2011, here we come

  1. WHAT?!?!?  Only in 2010 do you find out that your WIFE is going to try her 2nd marathon in a year!!I TOLD YOU SO. (that she would do another one)

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