Georgia Love update

believe it or not, we’re on our 20th week of confinement! just when we’re finally getting used to it, we get word today that georgia is doing great and we can come off of most of her restrictions. yay!

as you can see from the picture above, she has finally gotten used to her pen. the funny thing about this picture is that the door is actually open but she now prefers to stay in there sometimes. for this shot, though, she was pretending to be in jail.

anyway, for those who aren’t up to date on the georgia saga- she had her second emergency surgery 7 weeks after her first. she then developed a staph infection in her second surgery leg. we nursed this for several weeks and took her in for an incision check 2 days before thanksgiving. on this visit, they decided to do some rushed x-rays and ended up hurting her a bit. she spent the next 7 days on 3 legs and we spent the next 7 days in utter shock. this, unfortunately, set her back about 2 weeks but we were just relieved when she started to get better. fast forward a few more weeks to today and she has finally started having more good days than bad.

her surgeon watched her walk today and did a physical exam and feels certain she is out of the woods. he said she can return to being a normal dog aside from doing stairs and some strenuous playing. little does he know she’s never really been a normal dog 🙂

we’re so happy with the good report. it’s been a long 20 weeks for all of us. we will give her a little more time with her pen and keep the mattress on the floor for a couple of months while she works to get her strength back. fortunately, she’s feeling good. she’ll just need to work to re-build all her muscles but i think she’s up for it.

thanks again for all your concern. she’s our baby and we just can’t imagine everyone not loving her like we do (although we do know we are sometimes a little nuts!).

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