Mission Accomplished (or not?)

you did it! i’m dying to know how everyone is feeling. you may be feeling elated or you may be feeling a little bummed. sometimes you may go through a little funk after your race you’ve been training so hard for. that’s perfectly normal. it’s kind of like a wedding. there’s all the build up and then, poof, it’s over in a few hours.

the great thing about the race though, is that there is always another one just around the corner, unlike weddings (hopefully!). i’ve heard some people talking about not being as excited for the next one since they’ve just done one. i was kind of that way when i was getting ready for my second one- the attitude of “been there, done that.” sadly, the race got the best of me but it also taught my not to be quite so cavalier about the next one. it was a great lesson to be learned. now i truly respect the distance. i have never forgotten what it felt like to run my first mile, much less my first half and now, full! it’s all equally important, no matter how many times you do it.

running a half marathon is not a “one and done” kind of thing. no 2 races are alike. at all!! trust me on this. i’ve done plenty of races and there hasn’t been anything similar about any of them, even when they’ve been the same race. i love that they’re unpredictable and there is always room for growth. i have had all kinds of growth over the years- further distance (my first full this year), faster times, most fun, least amount of pain, etc- you just can’t take it as the race itself and be done with it. there’s so much more to it than that.

you never know what your race days will bring you. will it be rainy (nashville ’08)? will it clear up and be the utmost perfect weather for a race (nashville ’08)? (i think it was ’08, maybe ’07?!) will it be hot and humid (nashville ’10)? will it be 28 and sunny (st. jude ’09) or 58 and cloudy (st. jude ’10)? will your knee give out (nashville ’08) or will it be dehydration (nashville ’10)? you’ll also find that what makes that particular race your favorite race is different too.

my first half marathon will always be special to me because it was my first. my second half marathon will always be special because it was keith’s first. my first nashville will always be special because it was my first that i trained for and ran all alone….you get my drift. you have to find something in each one to make it special. they’re all different and they’re all worth it.

i’m always sad when i talk to people who tell me a half marathon was on their bucket list and they’re done. “why only one?,” i can’t help but think. if you are physically capable of doing it, then, by all means, get out there and go for it! aren’t you just dying to know what you can do next time? don’t you wonder what you left out there on that course that you might get back during the next one? i know i do!

have i convinced you to give it another shot……or maybe even go for a full?!

1 thought on “Mission Accomplished (or not?)

  1. Huge thanks to Star and Keith for a WONDERFUL experience.  I was reflecting on our first run in June today (the downpour that turned us into wet puppies).  I remember showing up at Inbalance in the dark… it was like the first day of school when you don’t know anyone and you’ve got that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach.  I remember seeing a “13.1” sticker on someone’s car and thinking, “Dude, you are SO in over your head.  You thought this was for beginners and there are real runners here!”  I wanted to turn around and go home. Especially when the rain started! Ha!  I remember, when we were totally soaked, asking Erin if my hair looked ok, just to ease my own tension a bit.  This has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.  I’ve made great friends and found some inner strength I never knew I had.  Also some outer strength I guess, but that’s almost secondary.  It’s like one of star’s little motivational quotes about the hardest muscle to exercise is the mental one that you work out trying to just get up and do it.  I’m gonna go get my OWN 13.1 sticker today (now that I can walk without looking like an 87 year old man who lost his walker)!  I’m so proud of myself and everyone else who finished the race!  Truly a life chaning experience.  And it’s true… I AM tougher than I thought I was!  Thanks Star and Keith!  Love you guys and hope to see you soon!  Trey

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