Get your MOTIVATION here!

one of the coolest birthday gifts i’ve ever gotten was an autographed picture of Rick and Dick Hoyt (above). no, they’re not celebrities. well, actually, yes, they are celebrities but they’re not robert plant or g love. they weren’t made famous because they’re incredible musicians or super hot (haha!) but because they are amazing people and incredible fighters.
i remembered this picture at about mile 23 of my race and they carried me my next mile (with tears in my eyes).
i’m not going to spill the beans. i just want you to watch the video. if you’ve never seen it, it’s a must watch. if you’ve seen it, watch it again. it’s worth the few minutes out of your gets me every time. go here to watch the video: ; it’s 6 minutes and well worth your time. you may want to grab a tissue 😉
Team Hoyt’s message is “yes you can.” i believe in all of you. now it’s time to start believing in yourselves.
Yes You Can!!

2 thoughts on “Get your MOTIVATION here!

  1. You weren’t kidding about needing a tissue!Watching Dick pull Rick through the water really got me.Thank you for sharing this.

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