Post Op Setback

when we thought we were on the road to recovery, poor little Georgia developed an infection in her left knee. she is acting fine and, as you can see from the picture above, even felt well enough to dress up for Halloween. unfortunately, how she has been acting isn’t necessarily indicative of what is actually going on in that little leg of hers.

we took her to her surgeon on wednesday because we were concerned that her left leg doesn’t seem to be healing as quickly as the right. the incision is not closing up and is still quite red. he diagnosed her with an infection and now we wait.

he cultured her and we’re waiting to find out how deep the infection is. if it’s superficial, the antibiotics she’s now on should take care of it. if the infection is down to the plate, we’ll have to discuss our next move.

fingers crossed that it’s superficial and she can one day get back to her normal days of sleeping on the couch and bothering all of the dogs in the neighborhood!

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